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Cold Weather Suits (Level 7)

   The Punisher online store offers military, police, security, search and rescue services specialists, tourists, hunters and fishermen in Ukraine to buy NATO winter clothing and the US Army from the world's best manufacturers. The catalog contains the insulated military uniforms - new and used sets, jackets, vests, pants and chuni, created on the basis of the unique artificial insulation PrimaLoft, at an adequate cost.

Tactical winter clothing: features

   The winter tactical uniform of the military is a large assortment of clothing designed for use in the cold season and designed to protect fighters from hypothermia and bad weather.
   The basis of the assortment of winter clothes is warm suits - elongated jackets with a hood and high trousers, providing maximum tightness of uniforms and full protection from wind and cold. For additional warming, you can use tight vests and chuni.
   To buy a winter camouflage suit means to protect yourself as much as possible from any weather in winter:

  • when sewing, waterproof membrane fabrics are used, which remove moisture and provide high-quality thermoregulation;
  • the top layer of clothing is resistant to mechanical and abrasion, tear and cut;
  • there is an inner layer of insulation (a synthetic analogue of natural fluff, which is created on the basis of the innovative PrimaLoft fabric);
  • products have a hood, tight retaining cuffs on the sleeves and an adjustable belt;
  • fasteners and zippers are protected by Velcro valves.

   In addition, the clothing has many functional pockets, is excellent to wear, easy to clean, does not absorb odors, repels dirt and water.
   The winter form of NATO, which you can buy in our store, in combination with other layers of ECWCS and PCU systems, is able to protect against frosts down to -40 ° C thanks to the combination of PrimaLoft insulation with a softshell membrane layer, which, in turn, does not tan in the cold and does not rustle when moving.

Winter military uniform in Ukraine 

   Our store presents a winter military uniform from the best contract manufacturers for the US Army and NATO, which meets the standards of tactical clothing PCU and ECWCS:

  • sets of insulated clothing (jacket + pants);
  • membrane jackets and vests with fleece lining and hoods;
  • warm pants;
  • warm chuni.

   All clothes are original, designed to operate in harsh climatic, combat and field conditions, sewn from waterproof membrane fabrics that remove moisture and retain heat well, undergo complex factory and tactical tests, are certified and protected by a manufacturers guarantee.
   Each product is equipped with protective cuffs, fittings and wind protection adjustment systems, has hoods, many practical pockets. Buying a winter camouflage suit in Ukraine is a practical solution for hunters, fishermen, tourists, security and rescue services specialists.
   When choosing a kit, it is necessary to consider the correct size - in the conditions of military operations it is extremely important that the clothes do not constrain movements and do not cause unpleasant sensations. Comfortable clothes will allow the operator to concentrate on the combat mission, and not be distracted by uncomfortable and improperly selected equipment.
If you want to save on purchase, buy used kits and jackets, which are significantly cheaper with identical quality and product characteristics.
   You can choose tactical winter clothing in the store’s catalog using the built-in search system by manufacturer, size, color and cost, and we will deliver the paid goods to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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