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   The Punisher online store offers tactical and tourist hatchets to buy in Ukraine on favorable terms. This type of tool is multifunctional and indispensable in the field, and our catalog contains the best models for military and tourists from world famous manufacturers.

Tactical and tourist hatchets

   Hatchets have been used in armies around the world since ancient times - this powerful chopping weapon was extremely effective in hand-to-hand combat and could break through thick wooden shields and iron armor. In a modern army, an ax is more likely a trench tool, although some special units of the US and NATO armies are armed with multifunctional tactical axes, which are used both in combat and in everyday conditions.
   Tactical Ax:

  • compact (20-25 cm) and weighs up to 800 grams;
  • made of a single piece of solid steel;
  • equipped with a chopping blade with a diamond sharpening and an overlay on the butt (can be used as a shock weapon or ice ax);
  • has an ergonomic handle with a non-slip pad;
  • may have a lanyard to hold in your hand and a cover on the blade.

   Such a weapon can have a combat throwing analogue - the tomahawk, used by the Indian tribes of North America in the 18th-19th centuries and proved to be extremely effective in hand-to-hand combat.
   The versatility of hatchets and tomahawks makes them very popular among tourists, anglers, and extreme survival specialists. They can be used to knock down a tree, chop wood, hammer pegs under a tent, refresh an animal’s carcass, etc. Axes are also useful in the household.
   Tomahawk and tactical ax is a favorite choice of every experienced tourist, as they are designed for operation in extreme field and climatic conditions. Such a tourist ax:

  • made of the best grades of stainless steel;
  • has an all-metal construction and does not break;
  • reliably protected against corrosion;
  • compact and fits well in a backpack;
  • lightweight and easy to carry;
  • has stable sharpening.

   If necessary, such a weapon can be quite effective if there is a need to fend off a large beast, build a raft on a river or climb a icy stone wall.

Tourist ax: features of choice

   The tourist ax should be selected taking into account the planned use and operating conditions - this will allow you to choose the right model and ensure its long service life. When choosing, pay attention to:

  • the quality of the steel the ax is made of (especially the cutting part);
  • reliability and structural strength;
  • overall dimensions and weight (optimally - up to 25 cm and up to 800-1000 grams);
  • handle material (light metal or faberglass);
  • sharpening quality (convex elliptical or at three angles);
  • ergonomic handle (anti-slip rubberized pads are desirable);
  • the presence of holes in the end of the handle or lanyard so that you can hang the ax on a branch or attach it to equipment.

   Чехол на режущую часть топора – также нелишняя деталь. Он защищает заточенное лезвие от влаги, а вас от случайного повреждения. 

Hatchets and tomahawks in Ukraine

   Our store presents high-quality and proven practice models of chopping cold steel from the best world manufacturers. In the catalog you can choose:

  • tourist and tactical (combat) hatchets;
  • throwing tomahawks.

   Axes are represented by well-known brands Ganzo, Mtech USA and SOG meet the standards of reliability and quality of tactical goods, certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty. We provide fast delivery of purchased goods in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

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