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Carriers/ Chest Rigs

   The Punisher online store offers military personnel, special and security personnel, fishers and hunters to buy Carriers, Chest Rigs different designs in Ukraine. The store’s catalog contains modern systems for carrying payloads and things in the field from the best world and domestic manufacturers.

Carriers: types and characteristics

   Carriers (unloading vest) - this is a specialized tactical equipment, designed to carry a large number of ammunition and small items with a uniformly distributed load on the body. Such a "vest" allows you to remove the load on the spine, to maintain mobility and free hands during long transitions and moving a lot of weight on the body. 

   Military tactical carriers used by moto-shooters, airborne troops, marines and special sabotage units are lightweight and very durable vests with a large number of pockets and fasteners in which you can carry ammunition for regular weapons, a first-aid kit, first-aid packages aid, rations, flasks, short-barreled weapons. By purpose and design features, it is customary to distinguish between them:

  • Carriers - belt-shoulder systems with convenient mounts on the body, well-distributed load and a large number of multi-functional pockets.
  • Chest rig - chest mount ammunition and equipment with shoulder load.
  • Plate carrier - vests with pockets for armor plates and slings for carrying equipment.
  • Warbelt and loincloth platforms - systems for carrying short-barreled weapons, ammunition and protective equipment without shoulder support for solving operational tactical tasks (police, security).
  • Bandoliers - a system of carrying things in the form of a sling with pockets for cartridges, clips, useful things and a tool.

   The main advantages of any Carriers are usability, multifunctionality, reliability and durability, maintaining mobility. No wonder this equipment is in demand among civilian specialists (fitters, installers, movers), tourists, hunters and fishermen.

Unloading vests in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store presents different types and modifications of tactical Carriers, vests and accessories. We have presented:

  • carriers tactical;
  • tactical unloading vest;
  • unloading systems with backpacks;
  • bandoliers;
  • plate carrier;
  • covers for vests, belts, support systems.

   Carriers are original, represented by well-known brands 5.11 Tactical, ATS, Blackhawk !, Crye Precision, Eagle Industries, Emerson, FLYYE, High Ground, LBT, LBX, M-Tac, Phoenix, Semapo Gear, TYR Tactical, Tough Hook, ToySoldier, "Ukrainian armor "and contract manufacturers of equipment for the US Army.

   The products are sewn from high-quality, wear-resistant materials that can withstand severe mechanical loads, have a large number of pockets and slings for compact placement of a large number of useful things, simple and convenient adjustment for the physical parameters of a person, body protection and an evacuation loop (quick reset system). 

   Unloading is done in camouflage style and a wide range of colors. For those who want to save money, the catalog contains used Plate carrier, which are in excellent operating condition, but significantly cheaper than new models. Delivery of purchased goods in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.

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