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Camo clothes

   Punisher online store offers to buy tactical camouflage clothing in Ukraine from the best manufacturers of uniforms and equipment for the US and NATO armies. The catalog contains new and used camouflage suits and camouflage capes, mosquito nets and scarf nets at reasonable prices.

Camouflage uniforms: features and benefits

   The task of tactical camouflage clothing is to hide the soldier from the naked eye of the enemy, to "dissolve" him against the background of the landscape so that he can carry out the combat mission secretly and invisibly. Usually camouflage is needed by scouts, snipers or ambush units. Also, such clothes are often used by hunters, whose stealthy appearance allows them to track their prey.
   The specific features of such clothes include mandatory protective colors and a masking pattern, lightness, convenience and the ability to quickly put on and take off when changing a tactical task.
   To buy a camouflage suit, you should clearly know:

  • its intended purpose;
  • features of the color scheme of the landscape where it will be used;
  • the need to briefly "merge" with the terrain when stationary or to completely hide the silhouette of the shooter when moving;
  • seasonality of operation;
  • required size.

   For example, a suit for hunting or fishing in the summer (jacket + pants) should have a protective camouflage color, be light but wear-resistant, able to protect from rain, insect bites (it is better to purchase an additional mosquito net).
   For short ambushes on a duck and tracking down a large beast, sniper camouflage capes and a poncho are suitable - they are easy to put on and take off, they are light, they remove moisture well, completely hide a person in the landscape.
   For hunting in a snowy forest, it is better to buy a winter hunting suit in Ukraine. This is a product with a white coloring, increased size, which is pulled by a cord to protect it from the weather. It is recommended to put it on warm outerwear and adjust it so that it does not hamper movements, or immediately buy a warmed set.

Tactical camouflage clothing in Ukraine 

   Our store offers tactical camouflage camouflage of American, German and Ukrainian production from the best brands-suppliers of army equipment for the armies of the USA, Bundeswehr and the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

  • camouflage suit in assortment with different color options and camouflage pattern;
  • camouflage capes;
  • mosquito nets and scarf nets.

   The camouflage clothing presented by us from M-Tac and Crye Precision is designed and sewn taking into account all weather conditions and extreme combat and field operation. When sewing, mechanically strong, lightweight fabrics with moisture-proof impregnation and good air exchange were used. The products are original, certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty.
Buy a demi-season suit for hunting in Ukraine, or modifications for hot weather / cold season - this is a practical solution for shooters who need to secretly approach the beast and "merge" with the terrain when tracking. You can save on choosing used products that are not inferior to new clothes in quality and appearance, but much cheaper.
   You can choose camouflage in the store’s catalog using a convenient search system, and we will quickly deliver your order in Kiev or to any other city in Ukraine.