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Knee pads / Elbow pads

   Our online store sells tactical knee pads and elbow pads, which can be ordered and bought from a warehouse in Zaporozhye with delivery to Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. All protective accessories are legal and shock-resistant, which reduces the risk of injury in the event of a fall or impact to zero. Choosing army elbow pads and knee pads in size, you can be sure that it will ideally fit the parameters of the joints of the arms and legs, without causing inconvenience during movement and rest. A pleasant bonus for buyers will be an affordable price and the ability to perfectly protect themselves in the event of a difficult pedestrian crossing or performing tactical tasks involving the risk of limb injury.

Why you need army knee pads and elbow pads

   The joints of the upper and lower extremities are some of the most vulnerable parts of the human body, which can be easily injured by a strong fall or impact. Acute pain, damage to cartilage and bone tissue, swelling and inflammation - all this can permanently disable a person. In the conditions of long sports training, competitions and military exercises on the ground, such a scenario should be completely ruled out. For this purpose, military knee pads and elbow pads were developed and created, for the production of which high-strength polymer materials are used. Among the features of finished products:

  • the presence of a soft substrate that does not injure the skin of the hands and does not limit the movement of the joint;
  • durable outer layer that follows the shape of the elbow or knee;
  • the presence of elastic mounts that can be dealt with without assistance; light weight;
  • color to match the shade of camouflage, which makes military elbow pads invisible and does not allow the enemy to use them for sight;
  • strong and stable hold that does not loosen during prolonged movement.

What performance can tactical elbow pads and knee pads have?

   Depending on the purpose, the appearance and design features of the protective elements may vary:

  • sports models - presented in the form of rounded shields;
  • military elbow pads and knee pads - have a multilayer structure, and special belts or fixing tape are used for fixing;
  • neoprene models - are distinguished by a relatively soft design, water-repellent properties and good thermal insulation, protecting the joints not only from damage, but also from hypothermia, which has a negative effect on their mobility and can cause a deterioration in the health of an athlete or a serviceman.

Where to buy tactical elbow pads and knee pads?

   Elbow pads and tactical knee pads are presented in the catalog of our online store, which can be bought at reasonable price terms with a guarantee of the official origin and ideal condition of the models. Also among the guaranteed offers for buyers:

  • prompt processing and dispatch of orders;
  • constant replenishment of the assortment, allowing you to choose tactical elbow pads for any task;
  • full size range of products;
  • the ability to form a comprehensive idea of ​​the products thanks to the detailed description and visual photos.

   If you intend to buy tactical knee pads, but doubt the correct choice, use the qualified help of our consultants. This can be done by phone or using popular instant messengers.