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Tactical Backpacks / Tactical Bags

     The Punisher online store offers the military, police, security and search services, tourists, hunters and fishers to buy professional army equipment for carrying and storing things. The product catalog contains quality bags and backpacks from world famous manufacturers of equipment for the armies of NATO countries.

 Army backpacks and bags: requirements

     A fighter of any modern army spends 90% of his time on the move, able to travel long distances during combat operations and needs a large set of weapons, equipment and accessories to perform tactical missions. Naturally, to carry many things that should always be at hand in a combat situation, a fighter needs reliable, roomy and convenient means of carrying and storing things. In the armies of the world, durable bags and backpacks are used for this purpose, differing in their purpose and requirements.

     The largest possible number of things and equipment can carry the main army backpacks, designed for long distances of movement of the entire set of weapons, ammunition and equipment. Tactical backpacks are needed when conducting local operations lasting 2-3 days, and an assault backpack is used by military personnel during fast one-day crossings.

     Military backpacks and bags experience the strongest mechanical, weight, climatic stresses, the effects of rainfall, solar ultraviolet radiation, dust and dirt. Therefore, they are sewn from durable materials, ergonomic and most convenient to carry on their shoulders, equipped with a large number of useful pockets with reliable fittings.

     These are universal means for carrying and storing things, therefore tourists, hunters and fishermen willingly use them during their trips to nature.

Buy army bags and backpacks in Ukraine

     The catalog of the tactical equipment store offers a wide selection of professional means of transporting and storing things:

       •             tactical, basic, assault, sniper, patrol, medical backpacks;

       •             transport, tactical, waist bags, bag-bags, cooler bags;

       •             tactical bags and covers for concealed carrying weapons;

       •             business card wallets;

       •             accessories for bags and backpacks - modular inserts for keys, tools, snap hooks, clips, clips, belts, waterproof and camouflage covers.

    Products for carrying and storing military uniforms, equipment and accessories are presented by  5.11 Tactical, Eagle Industries, FLYYE, LBT, Kelty, M-Tac, Mil-tec, Eberlestock, Mystery Ranch, Phoenix, TSSi, Vertx, Thin Air Gear, UTactic and other well-known world brands..

     All bags and backpacks are original, tailored to meet army requirements, designed for extreme operation and severe mechanical and climatic loads, practical and functional, protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty. With us you can order and buy wholesale and retail new and used equipment for carrying and storing things at the right price, and we will deliver your order to anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.