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Thermal Vision Devices

   The Punisher online store offers military personnel, police and security officers, hunters and tourists to buy a thermal imager in Ukraine from world famous manufacturers. Our catalog contains new and used thermal imagers and thermal imaging sights of American, Russian and Chinese production at reasonable prices. 

Thermal imagers: characteristics and purpose

   A thermal imager is an electronic device that is capable of capturing infrared thermal radiation of any objects and giving them a thermal “trace” to the monitor at any time of the day, in any weather and in any light, if the object has its own body temperature within the temperature of the surrounding world (-50 ... + 50C). The silhouette of each object is formed on the display taking into account the difference in its temperature and the temperature of other objects (hot - red and orange, cold - blue, blue, black). 
   Thermal imagers work on the basis of bolometers - matrix temperature (heat-resisting) sensors that capture radiation in the mid-infrared range of 3-14 microns (wavelength of thermal radiation from living objects). The main advantages of such devices:

  • compact dimensions and minimum weight;
  • the ability to register objects in any light, level of visibility, during snow, fog, etc .;
  • no need for any kind of backlight.

   The universal characteristics of thermal imagers are widely used in the armed forces and power structures to detect objects at night and with poor visibility, at the border and customs, as well as for hunting at long distances and in adverse weather conditions. 
   Most thermal imagers are made in the form factor of monoculars, binoculars and thermal imaging sights for installation on any type of weapon.

Buy a thermal imager in Ukraine

   Our catalog contains tactical infrared equipment for detecting thermal radiation targets. You can order and purchase from us:

  • universal thermal imager;
  • thermal imaging sights on weapons;
  • thermal imaging collimator sights on weapons.

   The equipment is represented by well-known brands ATN, Delta, Leupold, Pulsar, TPLogic, Dedal-NV, certified, protected by the manufacturer's warranty. The devices are designed for extreme and combat use in the armed forces, equipped with durable housings, dustproof and waterproof, characterized by reliability and durability.
   The assortment also includes used thermal imaging equipment in excellent technical condition, and you can purchase a thermal imager, the price of which is significantly lower than that of new analogues. Delivery of purchased goods - to any city in Ukraine in the shortest time.