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Knives and multitools

     The Punisher online store offers military, police, security and search and rescue services, tourists, fishers, hunters and extreme sportsmen to buy professional knives, multitools and army trench tools on favorable terms. Our catalog contains new and used products from the best suppliers of military equipment for NATO armies.

 Multitools and knives for all occasions

     The knife is an integral part of the equipment kit of servicemen of any army and special forces, it allows you to solve many technical problems, and is indispensable in the military field. In addition, many NATO armies are also armed with multi-purpose tools - hatchets, trench tools and multitools, which are indispensable in regular and emergency situations, simplify the installation of a field camp and field life of military personnel.

    Since the army is always in extreme conditions, knives, multi-purpose (multitools) and trench tools are made taking into account rather strict requirements:

       •             quality and exceptional strength of stainless steel alloys;

       •             compact and ergonomic designs;

       •             practicality and multifunctionality of use (military / domestic use);

       •             maximum security for the owner;

       •             climate resistance and all-weather use;

       •             comfortable to wear, quick accessibility.

     Multitools, knives, hatchets and trench tools, produced for military-tactical needs - guaranteed reliable equipment that has been serving its owner without fail for many years. Therefore, they seek to acquire it for domestic and extreme use: hiking, expeditions, fishing or hunting.

 Buy knives, multitools and trench tools in Ukraine

    The catalog of our store contains equipment from world famous brands involved in the production of equipment and ammunition for the US and NATO armies:

       •             multitools and bit sets Ganzo, Gerber, Leatherman, M-Tac, SOG;

       •             tactical, folding knives, machetes and lanyards Buck, Ganzo, Gerber, M-Tac, Master Cutlery, Ruike, SOG, Tool Logic;

       •             hatchets and tomahawks Ganzo, Mtech USA, SOG;

       •             trench tools - sapper blades, folding saws, cases Gerber, M-Tac, Rothco, SOG.

     All products are original, tested in field and extreme conditions, mechanically and climate-resistant, made of the best steels and designed for a long service life, certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty.

     You can order and buy new and used knives, multitools and trench tools wholesale and retail directly in the store’s catalog, using the convenient search system and detailed descriptions with product characteristics when choosing products. Delivery of orders - to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.