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   The Punisher online store offers military personnel, police officers and law enforcement officers, security guards, hunters, fishermen and tourists in Ukraine Molle pouches, which can be bought in Ukraine from the world's best manufacturers. The catalog contains pouches for mobile radio stations, weather stations, hydrators, toiletries, universal pouches of American, Italian, Ukrainian, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese production. 

Army pouch: types, purpose, characteristics

   Initially, army pouches were used as bags for carrying ammunition. Over time, pouches began to be called any compact cases in which the fighters of tactical units wore accessories and devices necessary in the field and combat conditions. 
   In pouches, fighters of the armies of NATO, the United States and the Armed Forces of Ukraine today carry grenades, flasks, water bottles and pure water hydrators, mobile radios and compact weather stations, medical kits, flashlights with batteries, night vision devices, headsets, weapon optics, tactical glasses, etc. 
   The main task of the tactical case:

  • convenient carrying of any devices, equipment and equipment necessary in a combat and field situation;
  • the ability to quickly access accessories (always at hand);
  • protection against mechanical damage and climatic changes.

   Tactical pouches are made of durable synthetic material (tarpaulin, nylon, cordura), impregnated with water-repellent chemical compounds, equipped with reliable valves and fasteners. They can be worn on a waist belt, on the shoulder, hip, butt of the weapon, or attached to a bicycle frame. Some models are equipped with universal Velcro or Molle mounts, and can be worn in any convenient place of the fighter's equipment, where there are PAL cells.

   Many fishermen, hunters, tourists, extreme sportsmen strive to buy a tactical pouch, since in terms of strength, reliability, wear resistance, and the level of protection it has no equal among different types of equipment. Such ammunition is designed for the most extreme operating conditions and will serve you for many years with proper care.

Buy tactical pouch in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store contains original tactical pouches, which are included in the equipment set for the soldiers of the army units of the US and NATO armies:

  • for portable radio station;
  • for mobile weather stations;
  • for a hydrator;
  • for grenades;
  • for a flask or bottle;
  • for a headset;
  • for a medical kit;
  • for tactical backpacks;
  • for handcuffs;
  • for a baton;
  • admin panels (organizers);
  • universal, utilitarian;
  • quick reset.

   Tactical pouches - only original quality, presented by ACM, Beretta, Blackhawk !, Cytac, Eagle Industries, Emerson, FLYYE, GearLab, Hofner, LBT, M-Tac, Magpul, Mil-tec, Semapo Gear, Tactical Tailor. The products are original, made of durable synthetic fabric with water-repellent impregnation, designed to be worn on the thigh, waist, trouser belt or gun butt, equipped with universal MOLLE fasteners, tested by operation in the field and in combat conditions, reliable and durable, protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty.
   You can order tactical pouches directly in the catalog of our store. They will be useful not only for military specialists and special forces soldiers - they are extremely practical and versatile equipment for anglers, hunters, tourists, cyclists, extreme sportsmen.
   For those who like to save money - used models of products that are not inferior in quality and condition to new pouches, but significantly cheaper. Delivery - to any city of Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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