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   The Punisher online store offers servicemen, police officers, rescuers, security guards, tourists, hunters, fishermen, athletes and military-style connoisseurs to buy branded M Tac polos and T-shirts on favorable terms. Our catalog contains original models of universal and sweat-wicking T-shirts and polos with short and long sleeves, khaki, camouflage and exclusive prints from a famous Ukrainian brand. 

M-Tac T-shirt: types, purpose, characteristics

   T-shirts are a traditional type of army uniform that began to be used by European armies in the First World War, and for the last 70 years they have been part of the wardrobe of the US and NATO armies. From the beginning of its existence, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use T-shirts in uniforms. This versatile piece of clothing is worn under a tunic, jacket, tactical jacket, uniform jacket, and is also used during sports training.

   From the army, T-shirts and polos (especially with bright prints) migrated into civilian life and today they are a fashionable element of everyday and youth wardrobe, and connoisseurs of military style prefer to wear camouflage originals or analogues of an army T-shirt. 
   M-Tac T-shirt is a textile product produced by a well-known Ukrainian brand of military uniforms and equipment. The brand produces several types of branded products:

  • M-Tac T-shirts are universal - elastic products made of natural cotton (93%) with additives of elastane (7%), which retain their shape well, emphasize the contours of the body, are environmentally friendly and breathe well, remove moisture and dry quickly, withstand multiple washes and lose color brightness.
  • Sweat-wicking Athletic T-shirts - thermal shirts made of special stretch 100% polyester with built-in anti-static thread and short sleeves, designed to be worn on tactical hikes and sports. The 3D sewing technology used simultaneously gives a tight fit to the body, provides complete freedom of movement, stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle tension. The material removes moisture well and dries quickly, does not absorb dirt, dust and unpleasant odors, "breathes", is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, designed for long-term wear and washes easily. 
  • Tactical polo shirts with short and long sleeves - analog cut with police uniforms made of 100% nylon. The material is elastic, fits the body and does not hinder movements, absorbs moisture well and removes sweat, dries quickly, is unpretentious to wear, does not absorb dirt, and is easy to wash. Products are completed with short sleeves, classic polo turn-down collar with a buttoned strap, Velcro platforms for chevrons.

   T-shirts are sewn for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, designed for extreme field and combat conditions of operation, can be worn in any weather and for a long time. Therefore, they are ideal for people who lead an active lifestyle and go in for sports, fishermen, hunters, tourists, airsoft players.

Buy "M-Tac" polo and t-shirts in Ukraine

   The store's catalog contains the most popular M-Tac polos and T-shirts for professional, everyday wear and sports training:

  • tactical camouflage T-shirts;
  • tactical monophonic t-shirts;
  • T-shirts with original prints for everyday wear;
  • tactical polo shirts (short and long sleeves).

   Each "M-Tac" T-shirt is original, made with the expectation of long-term operation in extreme conditions of a military campaign, intense sports training and tactical combat, has a 2-4-fold safety margin, duplicated seam, stylish design and a wide range of colors. All products are certified and protected by the manufacturer's warranty.

   You can choose branded M-Tac polos and T-shirts in the store's catalog using a convenient search system, photos and descriptions on the site. Delivery of purchased goods in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Lvov, Dnipro, Chernigov, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Poltava, Mariupol and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.

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