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Spare parts for NVG

   The Punisher online store offers inexpensive to buy components for NVD from well-known brands that produce original and analog spare parts for complex visual equipment. Our catalog contains components for night vision devices manufactured in America on favorable terms. 

Original parts for NVD

   Night vision devices are reliable and wear-resistant equipment for use in conditions of limited visibility and night time, however, they are based on fragile optics and electronics, and the operation of night vision devices takes place in extreme combat and field conditions. Depreciation and minor breakdowns with frequent and heavy use are almost inevitable.
   Understanding this problem, the original NVG manufacturers produce an additional wide range of components, with which a tactical unit soldier, tourist or hunter can repair minor injuries or breakdowns, restore the device to working conditions, or adapt it to existing equipment (adapters are available for this). 
   The main advantage of original spare parts for NVD is that they are produced either immediately for a wide range of models (universal accessories), or strictly for a specific model of a night vision device. Such a spare part can be easily and quickly replaced, it is ideally suited to the dimensions and standard mounting places of the NVD, does not require adjustment and reduces the time of adaptation or repair of the device to a minimum. 
   In addition, the components are not inferior in strength, reliability, wear resistance and durability to the original parts of the NVD and significantly increase the life of the device after replacement.

All for NVD: buy in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store presents a wide selection of accessories for tactical night vision devices, where you can order and purchase: 

  • external switch for NVD;
  • clamp of the NVD lens;
  • PSV adapter;
  • battery compartments and covers for them;
  • indicator rings;
  • adapters for eyecups, etc.

   Components are original and presented by well-known brands ITT and Insight, made of durable, wear-resistant materials and designed for tough operation, easy to install on equipment and have a long shelf life. With their help, you can perform quick minor repairs in the field and restore operability to some NVD nodes. Delivery of spare parts for night vision devices - quickly and anywhere in Ukraine.