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Military clothes

     The Punisher online store offers military personnel, police officers, tourists, athletes, airsoft players, fishers and hunters, as well as fans of the military and cargo styles tactical clothing from the best Ukrainian and foreign brands at an affordable price. Our catalog contains a wide range of underwear (thermal underwear) and outerwear for summer and winter, as well as hats and accessories that are used in the armies of Ukraine and NATO.

 Tactical clothing: requirements and benefits

     Tactical clothing was originally designed and sewn for professional military and fighters of special law enforcement units and is designed for use in extreme field and combat situations. The requirements for its quality, cut, technical and consumer characteristics are as high as possible.

     Tactical clothing, like modern military and cargo clothing, should protect a person as much as possible from climatic and weather extremes, humidity and precipitation, be ergonomic, provide complete freedom of movement and comfort, serve for a long time, and be unpretentious in leaving. Its’ main advantages are the following:

       •             the wear-resistant, water-repellent and non-combustible fabrics usage (mixed cotton and membrane fabrics, ripstop, softshell, fleece with impregnation, spandex, kodura-nylon with polyurethane protection), which do not wrinkle, do not absorb dirt and are easy to care for;

       •             synthetic heaters with a high level of heat and moisture protection (G-Loft and PrimaLoft) are hygienic;

       •             ergonomic fit, not constraining movements and creating comfort;

       •             duplicated seams and reinforcing pads in places of the greatest mechanical and abrasive loads;

       •             the presence of many capacious and securely closing pockets;

       •             high-quality fittings that create the necessary level of tightness;

       •             the ability to retain heat inside, remove sweat and create good air exchange;

       •             ease of leaving and resistance to numerous washings.

     Such clothes are sewn in a wide range of colors and look spectacularly not only on the military, but also on civilian lovers of the military style. It is especially important that the whole range of advantages provides maximum strength (2-4 times stronger than ordinary clothes), the practicality and durability of such a wardrobe in any extreme conditions.

 Buy tactical clothing in Ukraine

     In our online store, you can order and buy tactical clothing of all kinds. We offer new and used tactical clothing from Beyond, Emerson, Mil-tec, Crye Precision, ACM, 5.11 Tactical, Vertx, Wild Things, M-Tac and contract manufacturers for the US Army:

       •             US Army uniforms - new and used kits, tunic, jackets, trousers, combat shirts;

       •             tactical clothing and kits;

       •             additional accessories for tactical uniforms - knee pads, elbow pieces and inserts;

       •             sweating thermal underwear of PCU, ECWCS and LWCWUS systems (sets, underpants, trousers, t-shirts, sweaters);

       •             warming thermal underwear and contract army manufacturers (sets, sweaters, pullovers, pants);

       •             fleece jackets and sweatshirts;

       •             water and windproof suits, jackets and windcheaters 5 and contract manufacturers for the US Army;

       •             sets of uniforms Soft Shell and Goretex;

       •             winter tactical kits, jackets, vests, pants and chuni;

       •             camouflage clothing (suits, wraps, scarves, nets);

       •             military t-shirts and polo shirts;

       •             sports equipment (suits, jackets, pants, t-shirts, shorts);

       •             hats (panama hats, caps, baseball caps, hats, scarves and balaclava);

       •             accessories (belts, socks, stripes, shoulder straps, cockades).

     All products in the catalog of a military clothing store are original, tested in extreme conditions of field and combat conditions, weatherproof and climate-proof, certified and protected by a manufacturers guarantee.

     To order and buy military, tactical, sports and cargo clothing, use the convenient product search system on the site. You can order new and used clothes directly in our catalog (photos, detailed descriptions, prices), and we will promptly deliver the order to anywhere in Ukraine.