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   Punisher online store offers to buy tactical gloves in Ukraine from the best contract manufacturers of uniforms for the NATO army and the United States. The catalog contains American, German and Ukrainian tactical and shooting gloves, summer and winter models at an affordable price.

Tactical gloves: characteristics and application 

   Tactical gloves are an essential element in equipping military specialists in most armies in the world. They are especially relevant in countries with difficult climates, humid off-season and cold winters. The main purpose of the gloves is to protect the hands of shooters from hypothermia and frostbite. The second function of army gloves is mechanical and thermal protection of hands in field and combat conditions. 

   Given these requirements, the tactical gloves of a military shooter:

  • sewn from strong, quick-drying, wear-resistant fabrics (dense nylon or Kevlar base);
  • have reinforcing non-slip polymer pads on the palms and fingers;
  • equipped with reliable Velcro cuffs that hold the glove on the hand and protect from the cold.
  • some models are equipped with protective plates on the knuckles from bumps and scratches.

   Such gloves hardly get wet and dry quickly, are resistant to fire, protect from damage and calluses, provide a good grip of weapons and equipment, and exclude frostbite of the hands.

   By designation, army gloves may also vary. Some models are designed to protect against cold weather (additional removable mittens or gloves without fingers), others are designed for close contact with the weapon (a mandatory separate index finger and an additional pad), while others are designed for serious mechanical protection of the hands. Models with cropped fingers are also popular - they are designed only for mechanical protection of hands and are convenient in hot weather, equally practical for holding weapons, steering a motorcycle or a bicycle, a shovel, a knife. 

   Tactical gloves for protecting hands in cold weather or gloves for bullet shooting are sought not only by the military, but also by security, rescue and security personnel, tourists, hunters and fishermen, for whom protecting hands in extreme conditions is critical. 

Shooting gloves in Ukraine 

   We offer tactical gloves of American, German, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Ukrainian production, which are supplied to equip NATO, US Army and APU fighters:

  • insulated (winter);
  • camouflage;
  • with additional moisture protection;
  • gloves for shooting.

   In the catalog you can choose the original tactical and shooting gloves, presented by the famous brands Ansell Hawkeye, CamelBak, HWI, M-Tac, Masley, Mechanix, Mil-tec, Oakly, Outdoor Research and contract manufacturers of the US Army. All products are certified, undergo complex factory tests and are protected by a brand guarantee.

   The products are designed for extreme operation in difficult military, field and climatic conditions, are mechanically stable, have strong mounts, non-slip inserts on the palms and fingers, hard knuckle pads, protect your hands from bumps, scratches, abrasions, fire, frost and water.

   You can choose tactical and shooting gloves in the store’s catalog using a convenient search system. When choosing, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the purpose and design features of the products, size, color and price, and we will deliver your order in Kiev or to any other city in Ukraine as soon as possible.