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Sport and Training Equipment

   The Punisher online store offers to buy army tracksuits in Ukraine from world famous suppliers of uniforms and equipment for the US and NATO armies. The catalog contains training suits, sports jackets, sweatshirts, pants, shorts and T-shirts at the right price.

Army Costumes: Features and Purpose

   Long gone are the days when a soldier had only one everyday uniform and one front-exit uniform. Today, an officer, cadet, and soldier of the NATO armies use a separate sports uniform for out-of-field sports training which:

  • allows you to reduce the wear and tear of expensive everyday and tactical army uniforms;
  • make sports training more comfortable and effective;
  • protect the body and clothing from dirt, sweat and bacteria.

   Army tracksuit (summer and demi-season) complies with accepted statutory and hygienic standards for tactical clothing for active physical exertion:

  • sewn from light but durable fabrics based on cotton and wool;
  • soft and elastic, does not constrain movements;
  • protects from cold and rainy weather (fleece insulation on winter suits, a hood on a jacket, a high collar and cuffs);
  • removes moisture well and provides good air exchange (perspiration nets);
  • available in a wide range of colors of protective and neutral colors.

   Usually, male athletes and amateurs of military style in clothes tend to buy an army tracksuit, but many models are unisex designed to be worn by both men and women, and some manufacturers produce special women’s army models of tracksuits.

Sports equipment of the military in Ukraine 

   The store’s catalog contains original sports equipment from US Army contract manufacturers in the range:

  • army training suit;
  • sports jacket;
  • t-shirts for sports;
  • pants and shorts.

   Each army tracksuit and other clothing for training fighters of military units are original products designed for constant sports in any weather and field conditions. Sports equipment is sewn of high-quality cotton-based mixed fabrics, characterized by high mechanical strength and wear resistance, resistance to temperature extremes, high humidity, solar ultraviolet and frequent washing using cleaning products.
   Sportswear is environmentally friendly, hygienic and hypoallergenic, does not absorb harmful odors, reliably protects the body from hypothermia and overheating, removes moisture well and provides high-quality air exchange.
   The Army suit and other sports equipment of the military are certified and protected by the manufacturer’s guarantee, have an attractive design and can be used in civilian life for sports training and the constant use of military style by amateurs.

   You can choose clothes for sports in the store’s catalog using a convenient search system. When choosing, take into account the intensity and seasonality of the use of products, size, color and price, and we will quickly deliver the paid goods in Kiev and to other cities of Ukraine.