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Illumination and Marking

   The Punisher online store offers chemical light sources on favorable terms. The catalog contains IR-beacons, IR-markers, strobe lights, CLS-sticks and other sources of night illumination from well-known manufacturers in the USA and China to illuminate the area in combat and field conditions.

Chemical light sources: types and purpose

   Chemiluminescent light sources (CLS) and IR-beacons (infrared beacons) are used in modern armies of the world for autonomous illumination and targeting in poor visibility or at night.
   Chemical sources produce light during a chemical reaction between acid esters with hydrogen peroxides, which mix with phosphors. Typically, the CLS source is a hermetically sealed polymer stick in which an activator reagent capsule is immersed. During the “fracture” (bending) of the stick, the capsule collapses, a chemical reaction occurs, and the stick begins to glow with pale white, green, blue or orange light with a brightness of up to 100 Lm, gradually fading.
   The simplest CLS are designed for 10-15 minutes of glow, and professional models:

  • fully autonomous and designed for 10-12 hours of lighting;
  • able to function at temperatures from -5 to + 50 degrees Celsius (the cooler the environment, the longer the CLS shines);
  • waterproof, inert to precipitation and high humidity;
  • clearly visible in water at a depth of up to 1000 meters;
  • fireproof, do not heat the air when lit;
  • can be stored for a long time;
  • compact and convenient in transportation;
  • easy to activate.

   Due to its unique characteristics, the chemical light source is widely used in military tactical operations at night, road works, work in explosive mines, sewers and metrotunnels, speleological expeditions. A chemical light source is needed by tourists, divers, hunters, fire experts and rescuers.
   In addition, chemical light is used as additional sources of illumination, as well as signal lights during search operations, fires, shipwrecks and car accidents, when people are evacuated from natural disasters and technological disasters.
   A separate type of signal and target lights - IR-beacons and strobe lights, which are clearly visible at night using night vision devices at a great distance. Such a beacon can be mounted on a stand-alone battery and stored in a pocket or mounted on a fighter’s helmet. When activated, the object is quickly and easily detected.
   Such sources of signal lighting are effective for aiming with fire support from the air and during search operations (for example, they allow you to quickly find a downed airplane or helicopter pilot on the ground). In this case, the light source may not be visible to the ordinary eye, but it is well detected by night vision devices. 

CLS (IR markers) in Ukraine

   Our online store offers a wide selection of CLS for illumination in the dark, poor visibility, closed non-illuminated spaces. The catalog contains:

  • tactical IR-beacons with autonomous batteries;
  • IR markers;
  • helmet-mounted and portable strobe lights;
  • chemiluminescent sticks.

   CLS, beacons and other products are original, represented by the famous brands Adventure Lights, Core Survival, Cyalume Technologies, ELEMENT, Mil-tec, S&S Precision and contract manufacturers of the USA Army.
   Chemical light sources are reliable and trouble-free, able to give bright floodlight in extreme temperature conditions, with high humidity and lack of oxygen, are reliably packaged, which makes them convenient means of lighting in the field, on a camping trip, a speleological expedition, on hunting or fishing.
   We also recommend paying attention to used beacons, which are not inferior to new products in quality and functionality, but have a lower cost. We provide delivery of goods in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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