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Sleeping bags and components

   The Punisher online store offers to buy a military sleeping bag for use on a camping trip, fishing or hunting. The catalog contains branded sleeping bags of American, English, Ukrainian and Chinese production on favorable terms and components for them.

Sleeping bag: types and characteristics

   Sleeping bags - an exceptionally practical “sleeping place” for sleeping in extreme field and climatic conditions, were invented for climbers, but quickly became an integral part of the tactical equipment of military units in almost all armies of the world.
   Sleeping bags:

  • significantly lighter then blankets and warmer then cloak-tents, which is important for long trips;
  • take up a minimum of space and are convenient in transportation;
  • may have an internal heat-shielding and waterproof compression cover;
  • insulated from the outside with a membrane and fur inside;
  • have reliable fasteners and zippers;
  • easy to clean and repel dirt, dust and unpleasant odors.

   Modern industry produces several types of sleeping bags - “blankets” (when unzipping the zipper turns into a blanket), winter “cocoons” (one-piece waterproof bags with a hood). "Cocoon" is an individual sleeping bag, and from the "blankets" due to the fasteners on the edges, you can collect multi-seat sleeping covers.
   Army sleeping bag - a separate type of products from heavy-duty membrane fabrics with powerful water-repellent impregnation, quilted lining and a set of insulation for summer and winter. It makes sense to buy an army sleeping bag in Ukraine if you are not engaged in amateur tourism, but professional all-weather hiking, mountaineering, remote hunting, multi-day and winter fishing.

Army and tourist sleeping bag in Ukraine

   The catalog of the store presents high-quality tactical and tourist equipment for sleeping in hiking and field conditions:

  • external summer, all-weather and insulated winter bags;
  • universal sleeping systems (sets of sleeping bags);
  • compression sleeping bags;
  • inserts in sleeping bags;
  • poncho;
  • waterproof tactical bags for clothes;
  • tents for sleeping bags and double-sided tents.

   I would like to pay special attention to the American development of MSS (Modular sleep system) - a sleeping system that consists of several separate components (summer and winter sleeping bags, a Gore-Tex cover and compressors for storage and carrying). Elements of the kit are combined with each other depending on weather conditions, which makes it universal for year-round use.

   Military sleeping bags are represented by the well-known brands Kelty, M-Tac, Mil-tec, Sea to Summit, SealLine, Snugpak, Tennier Industries and contract manufacturers of tactical equipment for the US and British armies.

   Army sleeping bags are designed for the extreme conditions of year-round operation in the field, sewn from high-quality, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly materials, have a long service life, are equipped with insulation and membrane layers, are impregnated with water-repellent compounds, and are inert to the effects of chemicals and solar ultraviolet radiation.

   Each army sleeping bag in our catalog is original, undergoes mandatory factory quality control, is certified and protected by a manufacturer's guarantee.

   If you want to save money, pay attention to used sleeping bags that have an impeccable appearance and technical characteristics, but are significantly cheaper than new samples, and we will deliver the paid goods in Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov, Zaporizhia, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine as soon as possible .

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