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Combat boots

   The Punisher online store offers military personnel, police, security guards, rescuers, tourists, hunters, and fishers to buy military boots. Our catalog contains the best summer, demi-season and winter models of registered military shoes, which is part of the equipment of the US Army and the Bundeswehr. 

Combat boots: features and benefits

   Military boots (Combat boots) - defined by the Charter shoes with a high neck and lacing for soldiers of army units in the field. Each army has its own standards for such shoes, but it performs a single task - it protects the feet of a soldier in the process of daily service, combat missions and lengthy foot crossings.
   Thanks to the high berets, long lacing and the special shape of the pads, army boots:

  • tightly cover the foot and do not rub with prolonged wear;
  • protect the lower leg and foot from accidental injuries and bruises;
  • eliminate the danger of stretching or dislocation of the ankle, while maintaining its mobility;
  • keep the skin warm and dry (well ventilated and remove excess moisture).

   Army shoes are worn daily and often in difficult conditions, and therefore should be durable and withstand the maximum mechanical, climatic, chemical stresses, not let water in, “breathe”, provide the fighter with mobility and walking comfort.

   With these characteristics, Combat boots are as reliable, durable and universal as possible - not only military specialists, but also police, security services, rescuers, people of extreme civilian professions, tourists, fishermen and hunters demand them.

Military boots in Ukraine

   In the store’s catalog, you can choose summer, demi-season or winter boots of the US Army and the Bundeswehr, which: 

  • sewn from dense genuine leather, nubuck;
  • reinforced with reinforcing inserts in places of maximum loads and wear;
  • have an elastic sole made of dense wear-resistant rubber with a powerful tread;
  • equipped with orthopedic insoles and wear-resistant lacing.

   Usually Combat boots are glued at the seams and saturated with special moisture-repellent compounds, and winter models can be insulated with artificial or natural fur. 
   The shoes are original, presented by well-known brands ALTAMA, Bates, Belleville, Danner, Mil-tec, Rocky, Wellco. The assortment contains all standard shoe sizes (7.5-12.5R) in a wide range of colors. To save money, pay attention to used shoe models - they are in no way inferior in technical condition, quality and appearance of new shoes, but much cheaper. Delivery in Kiev, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.