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Concealed Carry Bags

   Punisher online store offers to buy tactical bag for concealed carrying weapons. The catalog contains holster bags and weapon covers for the secure transportation of weapons from the best world and domestic manufacturers

Tactical bag for concealed carrying weapons: purpose and characteristics

   Concealed Carry Bag – a convenient accessory that allows you to carry weapons with you unnoticed by others in urban environments. The tasks of such bags:

  • the covert carrying of weapons for business or defense purposes;
  • the safety of weapons and spare ammunition, limiting access to it by strangers;
  • the ability to instantly extract weapons if necessary;
  • storage and transportation of necessary items - keys, documents, mobile phone, money, notebook, etc.

   In addition, the “holster-bag” fully complies with the requirements of the Law “On Weapons” and guarantees complete safety for others, since the gun is securely fixed in it, which eliminates the accidental cocking of the shutter or a shot. At the same time, it allows you to carry weapons not under clothing, from which it is difficult to get it quickly. 

   Bags are designed and sewn from tactical materials (genuine leather, suede, cordura, dense textiles), designed for long-term extreme use, very durable and reliable, equipped with high-quality locks and accessories. At the same time, most models have an everyday "civilian" appearance and visually do not differ from ordinary purses for men.

   A vivid example of this convenient and practical accessory is the M-Tac bag Urban Line City Hunter Hexagon Bag Black, which looks like a modern accessory with a stylish design, is roomy, has many useful compartments and pockets, reliable locks and shoulder mounts with powerful carbines. Outwardly, it is impossible to determine that there is a holster with a gun in the bag, but the weapon and a host of other necessary things will be at hand.

Buy a City tactical bag for concealed carrying weapons  

   Our catalog contains bags for concealed carrying weapons from the best American and Ukrainian brands:

  • holster bags for carrying on a belt and on a shoulder;
  • tactical bags;
  • covers for weapons;
  • M-Tac bags of various types.

   Equipment for carrying weapons is represented by the brands 5.11 Tactical, A-line, M-Tac, Patrol Carabiner and other manufacturers. Each holster bag is an original product designed and sewn taking into account daily use in urban conditions. All models of such bags are designed to satisfy the needs of law enforcement officers, security organizations and other weapon owners in a convenient way to carry weapons every day and remove them quickly in an emergency.

   When choosing a product, consider the scope of the product, the intended operating conditions, type and dimensions of the transported weapon, weight load, method of transportation (on the shoulder or on the belt), color and price.
   Professional City tactical bag for concealed carrying weapons  can be ordered in the store’s catalog, taking into account the country of production, brand, color and price. We offer used bags for the gun - they are not inferior in strength and technical characteristics to the new product, but much cheaper. Order delivery - to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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