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Active headsets MSA Sordin / Liberator

   The online shop of Punisher offers professional active headsets and headsets of TCI and MSA, buying that is possible in our wide assortment and at adequate price. In a catalogue a tactical new is presented and/at radio equipment of the American and Swedish production for soldiery, constabulary, counterterrorist, guard and rescue subdivisions, sportsmen-shooters, airsoft players, tourists and hunters.

 Active headsets and headsets of Sordin

   Tactical headsets and headsets of MSA (Sweden) - practically standard radio equipment for servicemen of armies of the USA and NATO, that has unique technical descriptions:

      • built-in elements of regulation of volume of sound and noise-reduction;

      • built-in stereo microphones for the reflection of natural voice picture;

      • ergonomics construction with the high level of waterproofing of electronic elements;

      • comfortable button interface for regulation of protecting from noises.

   In such headsets of pointers or a sportsman realistically hears natural sounds in surrounding space, protected from very loud sounds (shot) and extraneous noises, gets a stereo sounding effect and can be oriented in a situation even in complete darkness.

   The active headsets of MSA are compact, have small own weight, folded and comfortably carried in a cover, easily regulated in size of head. Elements contiguous with a human body are reliably isolated by modern materials and provide the high level of comfort for on user, connected to most wireless stations and media devices through the socket of U - 174/U (so-called Military Jack).Active headphones MSA Sordin

 To buy the active headsets of MSA in Ukraine

   In the catalogue of our shop active headsets and headsets of production of the USA and Sweden are presented for an equipment by tactical communication of fighters of soldiery armies of NATO, policemen, subdivisions of anti-terror operations, guard and rescue services means. We offer new and former in the use:

      • active headsets and headsets of MSA Sordin (Sweden);

      • active headsets of TCI Liberator (THE USA);

      • headsets with the managed fastening on a tactical helmet;

      • headsets with connection of the external button PTT (under the left and right hand);

      • reception and intercom devices with a built-in flashlight.

   The presented headsets and headsets of MSA Sordin and TCI are universal, easily connected to any types of the mobile tactical wireless stations, have good ergonomics and regulated under the sizes of head, provide reliable defence facial, certificated and protected by the guarantee of producers.

   A radio equipment of MSA is headsets of the universal setting. They are counted on extreme external environments, steady to the mechanical and temperature loading, high humidity, frosts and radio interferences. Then tourists-cavers, professional sportsmen, players in airsoft and hunters can use.

   To order headsets and headsets of impulse-type you can directly in a catalogue, using the comfortable system of search on the country of production, brand, color and price, and we quickly will deliver your order in any point of Ukraine.


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