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Airsoft Products

     Punisher Airsoft Shop offers professional athletes and amateurs airsoft products in a wide range and at reasonable prices. Our catalog contains equipment, weapons, accessories and consumables for airsoft from the best world manufacturers.

 Airsoft Accessories

     Airsoft is a command and tactical game with conditions as close to combat as possible: team members move quickly over rough terrain, fire from simulated military weapons in order to hit the arrow of a rival team. Players move in the open air, move quickly, experience serious physical and mechanical stress.

     Therefore, airsoft equipment should be as close as possible in terms of characteristics, quality and reliability to tactical equipment:

       •             made of their strong, wear-resistant and durable materials;

       •             structurally compact, trouble-free and safe;

       •             comfortable, with a minimum dead weight;

       •             climate-proof and weatherproof, inert to dust, dirt, precipitation.

     Professional manufacturers of airsoft equipment use the same technologies in the manufacture of equipment as the manufacturers of military weapons and equipment. Therefore, you should choose such equipment only from trusted brands.

 Buy products for airsoft in Ukraine

    The catalog of the airsoft and tactical equipment store presents goods for team sports tactical games:

       •             Airsoft-weapons - drives with the design of American tactical assault rifles M4 and M16 and Soviet AK;

       •             external tuning accessories - collimator sights and rear sight kits, tactical weapon lights, remote buttons, fuses and modules, forends, handguards, handles, fire transfer handles and stocks, slams, tracer nozzles, silencers, gas blocks, battery compartments;

       •             internal tuning modules and batteries;

       •             balls and gas cans.

     Products for Airsoft are represented by CYMA, G&P, ELEMENT, FMA, M-Tac and other well-known world brands of professional airsoft equipment. High-quality replicas of military weapons and equipment are original, tested over many years of operating in extreme conditions of command and tactical sports games, certified and protected by the manufacturers' warranty.

     You can order and buy equipment for airsoft and paintball directly in the store’s catalog using the convenient product search system on the website. We offer wholesale and retail products at the right price, and we also provide fast delivery of orders to anywhere in Ukraine.