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   The Punisher online store offers a wide range of tactical goods and accessories that a tourist needs in a hike. The catalog includes compasses, chemical light sources, safety cords, camping tools and folding beds for sleeping, pocket warmers, paracord bracelets and badges, waterproof cases for clothes and other goods from well-known Ukrainian and European manufacturers.

Products and accessories for hiking 

   In a camping trip, a family outing, hunting or fishing, a person needs a large number of useful, and often indispensable for survival things. In the field it is very difficult to do without a compass, knife, rope, paracord or safety cord. In our store you can buy everything that is necessary for an experienced tourist and a beginner in nature, away from civilization.

  • Not everyone likes to sleep on the ground or sleeping mat, but taking a bed with you on a hike is uncomfortable. However, in the trunk of a car or backpack will fit an army camp cot - a fully folding soldier's bed on a lightweight frame with canvas canvas.
  • We can choose useful trainers (safety cords) with which you can fasten equipment and ropes when moving through water and mountain obstacles, a tool, knife or weapon in your hand.
  • You will also need durable paracord bracelets (“survival bracelets” made of nylon cord) for gripping the rope with your hand, fastening the compass, watch and knife, which are connected from a thin rope and are much more reliable than metal bracelets or leather belts.
  • You can even buy the national flag of Ukraine from us, which you will need when conquering the next mountain peak, as well as other state symbols for conducting tourist gatherings.

   The main convenience of our offer is that you do not need to look for the necessary things for camping equipment in different stores. Everything that you may need during a hiking trip, you can find, choose and purchase from us on favorable terms.

Accessories for tourists in Ukraine

   This section of the catalog of tourist goods presents a wide range of useful accessories and small things that should always be at hand for an experienced tourist:

  • camping tools, electrical tape and reinforced tape;
  • army and artillery compasses;
  • chemical light sources;
  • paracord and safety cord;
  • paracord bracelets;
  • camping folding beds;
  • flags of Ukraine, badges;
  • waterproof covers for large and small items;
  • pocket warmers;
  • sewing sets, etc.

   The goods are original and presented by the well-known brands CED, Cammenga Cyalume Technologies, Ganzo, Hammerhead Industries, M-Tac, Mil-tec, Safariland, as well as contract suppliers of tactical equipment for the Bundeswehr and the US and UK armies.

   The presented hiking accessories were originally developed as elements of tactical equipment for extreme field conditions. They are made of strong and durable materials, withstand strong mechanical loads, insensitive to temperature extremes, high humidity, chemicals and solar ultraviolet.

   You can choose equipment and goods for tourism directly in the store’s catalog, and we will arrange prompt delivery in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Odessa Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine.

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