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Clothes Care Products

   The Punisher online store offers to buy means for the care of military uniforms and clothing at an affordable price in Ukraine. The catalog contains detergents for membrane fabrics, water-repellent impregnations, repair kits and patch sets for tactical uniforms from American, British and German manufacturers.

Tactical Clothing Cleaning Products

   Soft Shell tactical clothing and clothing made of high-tech membrane fabrics such as Gore-Tex are considered reliable and guarantee reliable protection against high humidity, rainfall and cold. However, such clothing requires careful handling and regular professional care, becouse:

  • continuous operation in extreme conditions gradually clogs the pores of the tissue, which disrupts the process of removing excess moisture and the quality of air exchange;
  • under the influence of bad weather the factory impregnation of the membrane is gradually “washed out”, and the waterproof effect is reduced;
  • standard washing and the use of conventional detergents leads to membrane wear;
  • contact with hard and sharp objects often leads to damage to the structure of the tissue (holes, cuts).

   To preserve the unique technical characteristics of the moisture and thermal protective tactical uniforms, travel and sportswear, the developers recommend that you always carry hiking repair kits for repairing the membrane (patches, degreasing agents and glue) and use a professional tool for washing the membrane and water-repellent fabric impregnation.

   These products will allow you to quickly repair the Soft Shell jacket or pants and restore their water resistance and heat transfer, as well as remove complex dirt and protect the membrane, maintain its functionality, and extend the service life of clothes. In addition, chemicals well clean and wash cotton, fleece and wool, as well as all kinds of thermal underwear.
   We recommend repair kits, cleaning chemicals and impregnations, which are produced by contract manufacturers of clothing for the US Army, as well as McNETT, Nikwax brands. These accessories, aerosol impregnations, gels and liquid detergent for washing the membrane can be bought in our store in a wide assortment.

Cleaning products for military uniforms in Ukraine 

   The store’s catalog contains universal cleaning products for professional care of military uniforms and equipment:

  • detergents for washing the membrane;
  • water-repellent impregnation for the membrane;
  • repair kits and sets of self-adhesive patches for clothing repair.

   Cleaning chemicals are represented by well-known brands McNETT, Nikwax and contract manufacturers of the US Army.

   Each impregnation or detergent for membrane fabrics is original, designed in accordance with the characteristics of tactical structural materials for modern military uniforms, repeatedly tested in difficult climatic, field and military conditions, protected by certificates and manufacturers' warranty.
   If you want to protect your tactical clothing that is used for fishing, hunting, hiking and urban conditions, to provide it with a long service life, attractive appearance and preservation of unique technical characteristics, use only professional cleaning chemicals and impregnations.

   You can choose cleaning products for tactical clothing in the store’s catalog using a convenient search system. When choosing, take into account the characteristics of clothing and the recommendations of chemical manufacturers, as well as the purpose and characteristics of each agent. Fast delivery of goods - in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

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