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Night-Vision devices & Thermal Vision Devices

     The Punisher online store offers military and police professionals, tourists and hunters professional night vision devices and thermal imagers at affordable prices. The catalog contains sophisticated new and used devices from the best world manufacturers of army equipment and equipment.

 Army Night Vision and Thermal Imagers

     Initially, night vision devices and thermal imagers are military tactical equipment for detecting targets in the dark. NVK allows you to see objects due to the sensitive photocathode, which sees the emitted electrons and enhances their brightness with minimal illumination, and thermal imagers do not need light at all, since they react to the thermal radiation of living bodies.

    This equipment is used in combat and field conditions, therefore it should:

       •             support operation in extreme conditions;

       •             work at strong temperature differences and in any weather;

       •             withstand severe mechanical stress, shock and vibration;

       •             operate instantly and without fail;

       •             do not be afraid of rain, dust and dirt.

     Today, thermal imagers and night vision devices have gone beyond military use only: they are willingly used by tourists, hunters and fishermen, as well as special services, search and rescue missions and security bureaus. These lightweight, compact devices can be mounted on the head or helmet of a person, providing good night "vision" and leaving the hands of the owner free.

 Buy NVK and thermal imagers in Ukraine

    The catalog of our store of tactical equipment and gear contains a wide range of modern military devices for tracking and detecting objects on the ground:

       •             night vision devices - monoculars and night nozzles ATN, Armasight, COT, Dipol, Elbit Systems, ITT;

       •             thermal imagers ATN, Leupold, Pulsar;

       •             accessories and components for NVК - adapters, adapters, eyecups, protective and anti-fog glasses, mounting rings, filters, switches, mounts, safety cords, cases, covers and pouches from ATN, Armasight, Bering Optics, Crye Precision, Eagle Industries, Emerson , FMA, ITT, Norotos, North American Rescue, Ops-Core, TAG, Tactical Tailor, Wilcox.

     All equipment, accessories and components for NVK and thermal imagers presented are original, repeatedly tested in a combat situation and extreme climatic conditions, protected by certificates and manufacturers' warranty. Selection of accessories and components is carried out according to the specifications of devices and recommendations of developers.

     With us, you can order and buy new and used NVK and thermal imagers wholesale and retail at reasonable prices. When choosing, use the convenient product search system, photos and detailed descriptions. We provide delivery of ordered appliances, accessories and components to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.