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Мilitary shoes

Footwear for military: army boots, trainers, winter boots

Tactical footwear are not just comfortable boots for the military. Since a soldier's everyday life involves marching, long hikes, forcing ponds and walking over rough terrain, such footwear must provide maximum protection, support and flexibility in the harshest conditions. With this in mind, tactical boots are based on shoes for tourists, combining comfort, durability and lightness that are essential in the field.


Military footwear: what should you know about it?


Although some civilian models share common characteristics with tactical models, when choosing boots for the field or combat zone, you should still favour the latter. Here are some of the key features that distinguish tactical shoes from regular ones:


  • durability. Army shoes are made from high-quality materials such as genuine cattle leather, Cordura ballistic nylon and synthetic fibres that can withstand hard use. Seams are usually reinforced and stitched for added strength;

  • water resistance. To prevent water from getting inside, boots are equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane. This is a three-layer or two-layer lining that provides both waterproofing and ventilation for the shoe; 

  • sole design. For shoes designed for off-road, mountain trails and rugged terrain, manufacturers use anti-slippering soles. They give maximum grip and are self-cleaning while walking. In addition, such soles have good shock absorption;

  • reinforced construction. To prevent injuries, protective plates are inserted in the toe and heel of the tibs to prevent injuries when heavy objects hit or fall on the foot. 

Boots, trainers, trekking shoes and accessories

In our shop, you're sure to find a proper pair of shoes for any mission and for any season. 


  1. Army boots. The models presented in this section fit the standards of the US military uniform and are used by both infantry, armoured vehicle crews and aircraft pilots. Usually these are high boots, the design of which is intended to protect the feet from possible injuries while walking on difficult terrain.

  2. Tactical shoes. A kind of alternative to classic military boots, these shoes are used by the military and special forces to perform combat tasks. It is characterised by maximum lightness and breathable material in its base. This also includes trainers that are suitable for sports, as well as for operations where manoeuvrability is especially important. 

  3. Trekking shoes. Boots and trainers designed for the toughest operating conditions such as multi-day trekking and river fording. Such models combine the best qualities of sports and hiking shoes, thanks to which they are popular among military and security forces during combat operations and field training. 

  4. Slippers, sandals and rubber boots. Lightweight and simple footwear for hot weather, which can be used as a change of footwear for short periods of time or for civilian wear in the countryside. Rubber boots, on the other hand, would be an excellent choice of summer footwear for fishermen or other jobs involving prolonged exposure to water.


In addition to listed above, there are accessories: changeable laces, leg warmers for insulating boots, spikes for walking on ice, foot warmers, as well as shoe care products.

Summer and all-season shoes with delivery in Ukraine

You can purchase tactical shoes, as well as clothing and protective equipment on our website. Delivery by Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta is carried out throughout Ukraine. 

All goods are checked before dispatch, so you can be sure of the excellent quality and condition of the things you ordered.

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