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Weather and Wind Meters

   The Punisher online store offers police and army professionals, lifeguards, shooters, hikers, climbers, hunters and fishers to buy portable weather stations to monitor weather conditions. Our catalog contains inexpensive new and used devices with basic and advanced functionality that allow you to record weather conditions in real time and make long-term weather forecasts.

Portable Weather Stations: Equipment Requirements

   A portable (pocket) weather station is a compact electronic device for informing about weather conditions in real time and in the near future.
   The device is equipped with control sensors that determine the basic parameters: humidity level and air temperature, wind force, atmospheric pressure. Additional functionality of some models allows you to:

  • compile a comprehensive weather forecast for long time periods;
  • calculate the maxima and minima of the wind speed, dew point, temperature drops, etc .;
  • record and save data;
  • transmit information over the Internet through a wireless module to a PC;
  • display data in the form of graphs and charts.

   The use of weather stations in the field of high-precision shooting allows snipers to achieve the most accurate shots, thanks to the measurement of a number of meteorological indicators. Ballistics models specially developed for shooters include the functions of ballistic calculators, which simplifies the calculation of the necessary parameters.
   All devices are available with compact dimensions and low weight, moisture and dustproof housing, an informative and well-protected display, the ability to configure metering parameters.

Buy portable weather stations in Ukraine

   The store catalog contains weather control equipment from Kestrel Meters, Nite Ize and contract manufacturers for the US Army:

  • portable weather stations;
  • accessories for weather stations (weathercocks, impellers, battery compartment covers);
  • folding tripods, brackets;
  • covers and pouches for weather stations.

   The equipment presented was designed and manufactured taking into account the use in extreme combat, field and climatic conditions, underwent multi-level testing, is certified and protected by a manufacturers guarantee. You can order meteorological stations on an individual basis or complete the equipment with the necessary accessories.
   The order is made in the product catalog. To select the desired product, use the internal search engine on the site. Delivery of orders - in the shortest time throughout Ukraine.

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