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Tactical Flashlights and Aiming Lasers

   The Punisher online store offers military, police and security personnel, shooter athletes, airsoft players and professional hunters to buy a laser sighting device (laser target designator) for accurate firing of military, sports and hunting weapons. Our catalog contains tactical and weaponry flashlights, remote buttons, laser aiming modules - new and used on favorable terms.

Laser designators: characteristics and purpose

   In order to conduct fast and effective shooting, modern tactical units use a number of compact and easy-to-use devices:

  • Tactical flashlights

   These are specialized lighting devices in a metal waterproof and dustproof housing with reliable mounts on the barrel of a firearm (grenade launcher) or on a soldier's helmet. They can be mounted on a machine gun, automatic rifle, pistol, carbine.

   They have a powerful and narrowly focused light beam that illuminates the situation and targets ahead up to a distance of 50 meters, compact dimensions, several switching modes and can be equipped with a remote button (remote control). Convenient in that they leave the hands of the shooter free and automatically move the light beam after the movement of the head or gun barrel. 

  • Laser designators

   Laser sight or target indicator is a portable device that is mounted on the barrel or aiming strip of a weapon barrel and is used to facilitate aiming and increase the accuracy of firing from any type of weapon at distances up to 100 meters. 

   A laser or solid-state diode is mounted in the laser designator, giving a thin infrared beam that can be accurately aimed at the target, where it forms a bright point. The point is clearly visible in a special sight (thermal imaging type or infrared filter), and the shooter can easily adjust the aiming of the gun barrel.  

   Such shooting devices are universal and can be used not only in military weapons - they are used during sports training of shooters, in airsoft games or on the hunt, to illuminate game in poor visibility or at night. At the same time, it is important to remember that various models of weapon accessories can be adapted to a certain type of weapon, which must be taken into account when choosing a flashlight for a weapon or a laser target designator.

   In addition, you should always check whether the flashlight or laser sight is balanced, hold the mount and are able to resist weapon recoil when fired.

Laser sights and target designators in Ukraine

   The catalog of our online store contains professional tactical equipment that allows you to qualitatively improve the shooting performance of military, sports and hunting weapons: 

  • tactical and underbarrel flashlights;
  • laser sight in stock;
  • target designators and laser modules;
  • remote control buttons;
  • filter sets (including IR filters).

   The equipment is presented by world-famous manufacturers of accessories and tactical shooting devices Inforce, Insight, Princeton Tec, Streamlight, Steiner, Punisher and SureFire. All products are original, undergo multilevel field and shooting tests, certified, protected by a brand guarantee.
   To order and buy a barrel-mounted flashlight with a remote button, laser designators and filters for them can be wholesale and retail - directly in the catalog (convenient search system for goods). When choosing, be sure to consider the individual characteristics of a particular type of weapon and the characteristics of the purchased devices and accessories.
   If you want to save on the purchase of accessories for shooting, pay attention to the used laser pointer, lights and sights - they are fully operational, but significantly cheaper than new models. Delivery of paid goods in Ukraine - as soon as possible.

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