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Protective equipment

     The Punisher online store offers military specialists, security and security personnel, airsoft athletes in Ukraine to buy military equipment to protect against gunshot wounds and mechanical loads - body armor and armor plates, tactical vests and gun unloading, helmets, masks and tactical glasses on favorable terms. Our catalog contains Ukrainian and foreign production goods.

What is protective tactical equipment for?

     Protective tactical equipment is necessary during military operations, traumatic force operations and extreme sports (airsoft) to protect the body and head from dangerous injuries and injuries. The combat effectiveness of a person, and often his life, depends on the quality of this type of equipment, therefore the highest technical requirements are imposed on him. Protective tactical equipment is:

       •             constructive reliability and comprehensive protective ability;

       •             ease and plasticity;

       •             the use of proven and highly reliable materials;

       •             hygiene and hypoallergenicity;

       •             inertness to fire, high humidity and temperature extremes;

       •             wear resistance and durability.

     Each piece of protective tactical equipment must be tested and tested in real combat and extreme situations. Therefore, it is military equipment that is preferred by both the military and civilian specialists, who are constantly risking their lives, as well as professional athletes and hunters dealing with sports and hunting weapons. Protective tactical ammunition, which is used by professional military armies of the USA and NATO, is very popular.

Army protective equipment in Ukraine

     Our military equipment store offers a wide range of devices for protecting the human body in combat and field conditions from world famous brands:Lightweight body armor

       •             unloading systems, tactical vests, belts and bandoliers;

       •             protective vests, slabs, body armor (lightweight and hidden wearing) and covers;

       •             ceramic, metal-ceramic and Kevlar armor plates, armored packages and headcounts;

       •             protective helmets and their accessories (adapters, mounting rails, panels, belt systems, mounts for night vision devices and flashlights, clips, rubber bands, balances, covers);

       •             tactical glasses, diopter lenses and inserts, protective masks and sets, covers.

     Protective equipment for the military and security forces is represented by: 3M Peltor, ATS, Blackhawk !, Bulldog Armor, Crye Precision, Eagle Industries, FLYYE, High Ground, LBT, Phoenix, TYR Tactical, Tough Hook, ToySoldier, Team Wendy, Ukrainian Armor, M-Tac, Punisher, Temp-3000 and other well-known manufacturers of tactical gear and equipment. All products are original, tested in combat and extreme conditions, protected by a brand guarantee, and have a large margin of safety.

     You can order and buy protective equipment for the military and security forces in the store’s catalog using the convenient search system for goods by purpose and brand. We offer new and used protective equipment wholesale and retail, reasonable prices and delivery of the order to anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.