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Saddles/Field Tripods

   Punisher online store offers police and military specialists, shooters and hunters to buy tactical tripods, tripods and clamp for shooting equipment in Ukraine. The catalog contains used and new tripods for shooting from sniper rifles, carbines and automatic weapons, clamps and accessories for precision shooting at an affordable price.

Tactical arm assemblies , tripods: characteristics of precision shooting equipment

   Shooting accuracy is a crucial requirement for combat and sport shooters. Special stops, arm assemblies, tripods help to improve the quality of shooting results, which allow you to set or hold the weapon in the correct position and conduct quick and aimed fire at targets from any uncomfortable position and with a long range of destruction.
   Arm assemblies, tripods are equipped with ball heads and platforms for installing any type of small arms. They are:

  • mechanically strong, wearproof, durable;
  • resistant to climatic changes and high humidity;
  • lightweight, compact, ergonomic;
  • quick-mounted, mobile in carrying and transportation;
  • equipped with functional adjustable mounts. 

   This equipment is optimal for professional shooters and allows beginners to develop stable skills of accurate shooting, removes the weight load from the hands, gives stability to the barrel, allows you to increase the aiming time and significantly improve the accuracy of hits.

Tactical arm assemblies, tripods for shooting in Ukraine

   The store’s catalog contains precision shooting equipment - tactical arm assemblies, tripods from CRETAC, Feisol, Infinition Inc., Lone Star Field Products, MUB, Manfrotto, Mission Critical Designs AS, Shadow Tech, Slik, SunwayFoto and other manufacturers of equipment for the US Army and NATO: 

  • precision shooting kits;
  • sniper tripods and tactical tripods for shooting;
  • tactical arms assemblies with bipod;
  • ball heads and platforms with clamps.

   Small arms and equipment - original, certified, field-tested and combat-protected, protected by the manufacturer’s warranty. You can order it in kits or individual products, in accordance with individual requests and the needs of a sniper.
   Ordering is done directly in the product catalog. A convenient search system for goods by country of manufacture, brand, color and price will help you find the right product. Delivery of orders - anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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