Customers of our online store have the opportunity to become members of the savings and discount program.


Program conditions

  1. You can become a member of the savings and discount program by registering on the site.
  2. To participate in the accumulative discount program, the Client is obliged to place orders directly through his account on the website. Orders placed not through an account will not be included in the database of the accumulative-discount program.
  3. Only one account on the site can be registered for one participant of the accumulative-discount program.
  4. The accumulative-discount program is cumulative and gives the right to its owner, upon accumulating a certain amount (monetary threshold), for a discount according to the prescribed scale:

    - accumulation over 5000 hryvnia — 3%

    - accumulation over 20,000 hryvnia — 5%

    - accumulation over 50,000 hryvnia — 7%

    - accumulation over 100,000 hryvnia — 10%

  5. Discount and accrual of the amount (accumulation of the amount) is provided only to registered users of the site.
  6. The recalculation of the discount for the accumulative discount program is carried out with each next purchase.
  7. The discount on the accumulative-discount program is not provided for goods for special purposes. price, sale as well as other promotional offers. And also for night vision devices.
  8. When the product is returned from the accumulative-discount program, the amount and size of the discount are debited, the accumulative amount is reduced.
  9. In case of loss of access to the personal account on the website, the Client must turn to the functional button "Forgot your password?" in the login dialog box for the account on the site. To restore access to your personal account (a member of the savings and discount program), you must have access to the e-mail box to which the registration was made.
  10. In case of indicating inaccurate information about himself in the questionnaire, as well as in case of untimely change of outdated information, the participant of the accumulation discount program independently bears the risk of any negative consequences associated with incorrect information. To change the data, you can go to the settings of your account in your personal account on the site. The company reserves the right to make any changes to these conditions of the accumulative discount program at any time without prior notice to the program participants.


Information about these changes will be available on the website. The participant independently monitors changes in conditions.