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   The Punisher online store offers military specialists, police officers, security services, hunters and persons entitled to carry short-barreled military, gas and traumatic weapons in Ukraine holsters for pistols from the world's best manufacturers. The catalog contains pistol holsters belt, hip, inserts of American, Ukrainian and Mexican production at a favorable price.

Pistol holster: types, wearing features, characteristics

   Pistol holsters are a specialized accessory for the comfortable carrying of short-barreled service weapons, which reliably protects the pistol from mechanical shocks and accidental firing, provides quick removal of the barrel for firing, protects against loss of weapons and has a number of additional compartments for clips and cleaning equipment. 
   Modern pistol holsters come in several types:

  1. Waist - worn in the area of the waist belt, designed for quick removal, made of thick leather or plastic, equipped with safety cords, can be:
  • open wearing - attached to the waist belt with special harnesses, can be external or hidden, with left or right orientation (depending on the grip of the hand), can also be worn from behind;
  • concealed carrying - fastened on the inside of the trousers and may have an additional attachment to the waist belt;
  • hidden holsters-inserts - fastened in pockets of clothes or a bag (remotely), convenient for quick removal of weapons without snagging on clothes.
  1. Operational - universal shoulder holsters made of genuine leather or dense synthetic fabric, with a system of shoulder straps and placing the pistol under the arm in a vertical, horizontal or rotating position. Pouches for pistol magazines are attached to the opposite side of the system. Some models have additional fixation on the trouser belt, which gives additional rigidity and reliability to the system.
  2. Tactical - special holsters for the military, fighters of tactical units and special forces, which are worn on the hip, and with the Molle mount they can be attached in any convenient place of equipment (on the belt, on the chest, on a bulletproof vest or army unloading). Fastened rigidly (often - to a trouser belt and with hip grips), have a minimum weight, are made of durable synthetic material or plastic, have adapters for PAL-cells.
  3. Sports - holsters for carrying sports pistols and high-speed practical shooting IPSC, make it easy, fast and safe for the shooter to draw weapons. They are not suitable for combat pistols..

   Any kind of pistol holster is a product of great strength, with a well thought out and comfortable design. The holster easily supports the weight of the pistol, firmly holds it in a fixed position and ensures safe movement of the shooter, does not hinder movement.

Holsters for pistols in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store contains a wide selection of professional tactical accessories for carrying short-barreled service weapons from A-line, Blackhawk !, Blade-Tech, G-Code, M-Tac, Safariland, Vertx: 

  • belt holsters for a pistol;
  • hip holsters;
  • concealed carry holsters;
  • universal corbura insert;
  • modular holster;
  • holster-insert.

   The assortment includes universal holsters for any short-barreled weapon, as well as specialized accessories (holster for PM, Fort 12, Glock 17, etc.). The products are original, made of genuine leather, dense synthetics, plastic and "kaidex", equipped with standard MOLLE fasteners and clips, designed for right-handers and left-handers. 

   Accessories - only of original quality, certified and protected by the manufacturer's warranty, tested by many years of operation by army specialists in field and combat conditions. You can order pistol holsters directly in the catalog, and we will deliver the purchased goods anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time. 

   For those who like branded quality at a minimal price - used holsters for pistols. The products have impeccable technical characteristics and appearance, but are significantly cheaper..

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