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Headphones for shooting

   The online shop of Punisher offers to the servicemen and policemen, specialists of guard services, airsoft players and hunters in Ukraine active rifle headsets at adequate price. In a catalogue it is possible to choose and order headsets for firing of the American, Swedish, Chinese and home production.

 Active headsets for firing

      Headsets a rifle are the specialized headsets for protecting of ears from loud sounds and noises in the process of conduct of the training, sport and hunting firing. They are passive (insulating fully) and active - with the embedded processor and function of active noise reduction.

      Active headsets have built-in microphones and loud speakers with intellectual noise reduction - they muffle the too loud sounds of shots and extraneous noises, but save the natural voice picture of environment, allowing to the man to hear everything, that is in the comfort range of decibels.

      This equipment is designed specifically for shooters and is distinguished by:

      • structural strength, resistance to mechanical and vibration loads;

      • ease and compactness, wear resistance;

      • convenient adjustment to the size of the shooter's head;

      • the presence of built-in microphones;Shooting headphones

      • intellectual (customizable) noise reduction option;

      • instant sound processing, which allows you to constantly stay in touch;

      • reliable protection against temperature changes, high humidity and precipitation.

   Such equipment allows hunters to hear speech of partners, noises of the forest and rustles of locomotive booty, but extinguishes the loud sound of shot, protecting ears. For sportsmen, engaging in the regular and hours-long rifle training, headsets also allow to save the clearness of rumor and avoid permanent pressure on ear-drums.

   The comfortable embouchures of loud speakers provide the dense fitting closely of headsets to the ears, does not rub, does not press, does not create discomfort. They can be carried by hours, not taking off and not feeling a fatigue or pressure on a head.

 To buy headsets a rifle in Ukraine

   In the catalogue of shop squeak-proof passive and active headsets are presented for a hunt, competitions on the professional firing and rifle training from well-known world brands:

      • 3M Peltor;

      • Howard Leight от Honeywell;

      • M-Tac;

      •  MSA.

   Equipment for firing originally, it is certificated and protected by the guarantee of producers, passes plant tests, regulated under the anatomic parameters of man and provides the valuable protecting of ears from loud sounds and extraneous noises, comfortably and lasting. We also offer on minimum prices/at equipment that is tested and is in an ideal worker the state.

   Professional headsets for a shooting-gallery, competitions on fresh air and hunts can be ordered in a catalogue, and we quickly will deliver your order in Ukraine.

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