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   The Punisher online store offers to buy multitool and bit sets from American, Taiwanese and Ukrainian manufacturers on favorable terms. Our catalog contains modern, highly functional multi-tool kits for use in the field by military specialists, tourists, hunters and fishers.

Multitools: functionality and practicality 

   A multi-tool (multi-tool) is a universal pocket tool, structurally similar to a multi-blade penknife: many folding metal blades and other tools for various purposes in one handle. It is designed for folding in a pocket, bag, backpack or belt case.
   The main advantages of this product:

  • Compactness. The entire set of tools fits in your hand or jacket pocket, taking up minimal space.
  • Multifunctionality. Numerous multitool tools (knives, files, nippers, cutters, scissors, awls, screwdrivers, corkscrews) will always come in handy in the field.
  • Widespread use. A multi-tool is most useful for a soldier, tourist, fisherman, hunter, and just for a home craftsman.

   One multitool can replace a full-fledged toolbox, significantly saves usable space in a hiking backpack, and weighs no more than 500 grams (the lightest mini-models generally weigh 50 grams and look like a keychain).

Which multitool to buy?

   Multitools are produced by many manufacturers of tactical and tourist equipment, and multi-tool kits can vary significantly in weight, size, design, quantity, set and purpose of tools. Therefore, you should choose a model based on your professional field of activity, the intended use of the tool and the conditions for its use.
   When choosing, consider the following:

  • the purpose of the blades and other tools in different sets is different, and you should choose a set with the most useful functionality for you;
  • not a single set is designed for strong mechanical loads (it is not a complete replacement for a standard tool);
  • if the multitool will be used in difficult weather street or field conditions, high-quality hand protection and non-slip coating of the handle are important;
  • when using the kit on hikes or when going outdoors, the size and weight of the product, as well as ease of transportation, are of importance.

   Army multitools are an optimally practical choice, as they are designed for maximum functionality and utility, made of high-quality steel, convenient to use and tested in difficult field and climatic conditions. Such a multi-tool is included in many units of the US and NATO armies, it is as versatile as possible and very convenient for professional use by specialists from many civilian professions and tourism lovers.

Multitools in Ukraine

   In our store tactical and tourist multitools from famous domestic and foreign manufacturers are presented. In the product catalog you can choose and purchase:

  • multi-tool Ganzo, Gerber, Leatherman, M-Tac, SOG;
  • knife / multitool sets;
  • bit sets and bit holders;
  • tool pouches and cases.

   The Ukrainian M-Tac multitools, which are designed for use in combat and field conditions, as well as the Leatherman and Ganzo multi-tool used by NATO tactical units, are in great demand.
   All presented multi-tool models are original, meet international quality standards, tested under extreme conditions, certified and protected by the manufacturers warranty.
   We deliver the ordered goods in Kiev and to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time. For those who want to save money - sets of used tools that are not inferior in quality and condition to new products, but having a lower price.

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