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   The Punisher online store offers servicemen, police officers, rescuers, security guards, tourists, hunters, fishermen, athletes, airsoft players and military-style connoisseurs to buy branded M Tac jackets. Our catalog contains high-quality winter, demi-season and soft shell-models of jackets of a well-known Ukrainian brand at competitive prices. 

M-Tac jacket: types, characteristics, advantages

   The M-Tac military jacket is a versatile outerwear for military personnel, which is worn on uniforms in the off-season and winter seasons, reliably protects soldiers from cold, wind, rain, snow and hypothermia. Jackets of the Ukrainian brand are sewn from modern high-tech materials, insulated with synthetic and natural insulation, are optimal for military service, field and combat conditions, and are also suitable for civilian life. 

   The manufacturer today produces a wide range of jackets of different types, purposes and degrees of thermal protection:

  • Anoraks - winter, very durable products made of water-repellent nylon fabrics of the N3B type with a dense elastane lining, detachable silicone-synthetic winterizer and a fur hood. They are not blown through, do not get wet, reliably protect the fighter in frosts down to -40C, are equipped with elastane cuffs on the sleeves, tie-cords on the belt, many functional pockets with zippers.
  • Parkas (3 in 1) - warm jackets made of water-repellent membrane fabrics based on nylon with polyester lining, designed for several wearing options: in cold weather, thaw and off-season. They have removable fleece insulation, can be worn together with the top layer or separately. They are put on over the head, are sealed and well protect the body from frost, wind and precipitation, they can have a hidden hood in the collar, adjustable cuffs on the sleeves, drawstring with a cord at the bottom, chest pocket on the chest, central zipper with a windproof placket. 
  • M-Tac soft shell jackets - insulated multi-layer jackets made of membrane nylon fabrics with a water-repellent upper layer and inner fleece insulation. The layers are removable and worn according to the weather (rain-snow, frost, off-season). Complete with foldable hood, functional pockets. They are worn in cold weather up to 10C, they combine insulation, thermoregulatory function and protection from wind and precipitation.
  • Combined multifunctional Wiking Lightweight jackets - a combination of an inner down jacket with an upper membrane soft shell jacket based on Sustans insulation. Equipped with thermal fleece collars, folding hoods, arm cuffs and drawstrings with cords for sealing against wind and cold, functional pockets. Looks stylish and provides maximum protection.

   All types of jackets have an original cut and duplicated seam, elastic and do not hinder human movements, protect from cold and precipitation, have a double margin of safety, keep their shape well during prolonged wear and frequent washing, are fireproof, have excellent thermoregulation and remove well moisture. 

M-Tac soft shell jacket and other models in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store contains the best models of tactical, winter and soft shell-jackets M-Tac:

  • multifunctional Wiking Lightweight;
  • M-Tac soft shell jackets with lining and upper water-repellent layer;
  • parkas;
  • anoraks for severe frosts.

   M-Tac jackets are original, designed for field and combat conditions of operation, as strong and wear-resistant as possible, well insulated with modern technological materials, undergo multi-level factory tests for reliability, environmental friendliness and heat capacity, protected by certificates and manufacturer's warranty. 

   Any models of jackets (especially M-Tac soft shell jackets) are versatile, all-weather and ideal for many civilians, firefighters, rescuers, tourists, fishermen and hunters. We offer outerwear in a wide range of colors and with a full range of sizes.
   You can choose branded M-Tac jackets directly in the store's catalog using a convenient search system, photos and descriptions on the website. Delivery of purchased goods in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.

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