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Tactics Slings

   The Punisher online store offers military specialists, police and security guards, shooter athletes, airsoft players and hunters to order and buy a gun belt, rifle, carbine and automatic weapons from American, Ukrainian and Chinese manufacturers. The catalog presents high-quality new and used shooting accessories wholesale and retail.

Weapon belts: types and advantages

   A belt for a gun, rifle or machine gun is a necessary accessory that allows you to simultaneously solve a lot of problems: 

  • constantly keep weapons at hand for instant response (the position is adjustable);
  • it is convenient to carry the weapon on yourself (on the shoulder, over the shoulder, behind the back) with an even distribution of weight and the absence of sliding (special non-slip material);
  • keep hands free;
  • increase the stiffness of grip weapons when firing.

   In hunting models of belts there are also additional pockets where it is possible to stack additional cartridges.
   By design of mounts, weapon belts can be:

  • Single-point - belts fastened to the neck of the butt, pistol grip or the back of the receiver of a firearm with a length of not more than 1 meter. The belt forms a loop with a carbine, which makes it possible to carry the barrel on the neck or shoulder. It is convenient because it allows you to instantly open fire without removing the weapon from your shoulder, it is easily adjustable and quickly detaches (fastex quick-release system). The only inconvenience - with such a mount, the weapon must be held by hand so that it does not hit the legs or body when running, brisk walking or crawling.
  • Two-point - the "classic" type of belts that are attached to the weapon with carbines on two swivels. Allow carrying weapons on the neck, or on the shoulder, are not designed for instant shooting. Convenient for left-handed shooters, has a quick reset system, can be converted into a single-point mount.
  • Three-point - a modern type of mount for almost all types of firearms (especially long rifles), which is convenient for long pedestrian crossing or marching. It makes it possible to carry weapons in several positions, it can be easily rearranged to 1- and 2-point mounts, has a quick reset system, and does not interfere with instant firing of fire. 

   The choice of a weapon belt depends on the type and size of the weapon (one-point - for short-barreled weapons, three-point - for long rifles and machine guns), operating conditions (long transitions, short runs with instant use of weapons), physical characteristics of the owner (three-point belt is not suitable for left-handed people) and prices. 

Buy a belt for a gun in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store presents low-cost weapon belts of various types and designs for carrying combat, sports and hunting weapons. You can order and buy from us: 

  • one-point belt for firearms;
  • two-point belt;
  • three-point belt;
  • fastening carbines and accessories for weapon belts. 

   Belts are original and presented by well-known brands for the production of tactical weapons accessories - FLYYE, ACM, M-Tac, TMC, Viking Tactics, Emerson. All products are made of durable, wear-resistant materials that withstand maximum mechanical and climatic loads, undergo complex field tests and are guaranteed to be reliable, certified by manufacturers.
   You can order belts for weapons at retail or in bulk at reasonable prices. For fans of saving, we offer used belts for weapons - they are not inferior to new products in quality, technical characteristics and appearance, but much cheaper. Delivery of purchased goods - anywhere in Ukraine and in the shortest possible time.