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   Punisher online store offers to buy a sapper shovel and other tactical trench tools in Ukraine on favorable terms. The store’s catalog contains one-piece and folding small marching shovels and saws with carrying cases, which are part of the equipment of the US and NATO armies.

The trench tool

   The trench tool is a set of hand-held earthmoving tools, which since ancient times has been used in all armies of the world for digging trenches and equipment for military-engineering defense structures. Modern armies use a compact tool that you can carry with you in a combat situation and dig in individually.
   The main trench tool of a soldier of the modern infantry unit is a sapper shovel, which has a length of not more than 60 cm with a handle and is designed for excavation about 0.5 m3 of soil per hour. This tool is attached in a case to a waist belt, has a small weight, is convenient to carry and work. With the help of a small sapper shovel, a fighter is able to quickly dig in and dig a full-fledged trench in 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of the soil.
   When conducting large-scale military engineering works, another trench tool is also used - a large sapper shovel, pickaxe, crowbar, ax-cleaver, hoe, etc. But these earth moving tools are transported and used in the construction of a whole network of trenches with dugouts, ramparts and caponiers.

Modern sapper shovel

   The conditions of rapid modern combat and the need for a quick march of fighters of the ground forces units require minimizing the dimensions and weight of the equipment that the shooter must have in his tactical kit. These requirements also apply to the regular trench tool: it should always be at hand, but cannot weigh a lot and take up a lot of space, while maintaining its technical capabilities and efficiency.
   Therefore, the modern sapper blade inherited from its predecessors only the standard dimensions of the steel tray - 180 mm. Otherwise, the design has undergone a number of major changes:

  • The handle either detaches when it is in the stowed position, or disassembles or folds.
  • The disassembled blade has dimensions of only 240x160 mm, fits into a special cover on the belt and is conveniently transported without restricting the fighter's movements.
  • Only the bayonet is made of durable steel, the handle can be made of durable and lightweight plastic, which significantly reduces the total weight of the equipment.

   Such an updated sapper shovel has been in service with the infantry divisions of most armies of the world for many years, it is not inferior to its counterparts 50 years ago, it is distinguished by great strength, wear resistance and a long service life, it is capable of cutting and digging sufficiently hard and dense soil, and, if necessary, turns into a rather dangerous cold weapon for hand-to-hand combat.
   Compactness, minimum weight, durability and reliability of the army trench tool are important quality criteria that are highly valued by professional tourists, fishers and hunters. A sapper shovel fits perfectly in a backpack or car trunk, does not weigh down the total weight of the equipment and can always be useful in the field.

Tactical trench tool in Ukraine

   If you need a tactical trench tool (for example, a sapper shovel), you can buy it for use in camping conditions or at home you can in our store. The catalog presents a tool from the best world manufacturers:

  • combined sapper blades for hiking;
  • folding saws and saw blades;
  • covers for trench tools.

   All products are original and presented by well-known brands Gerber, SOG, Rothco and M-Tac. The products meet the requirements for tactical equipment of the US Army and the Bundeswehr, tested in extreme technical and climatic conditions, certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty.
   We provide delivery of purchased goods in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine in the shortest possible time. For those wishing to save money on purchasing a trench tool, second-hand sapper blades in perfect condition are offered, which are not inferior in quality to new products, but much cheaper.