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Tactical medicine

     The Punisher online store offers military and civilian doctors, as well as tourists, extreme sportsmen, people who travel a lot and lead an active lifestyle, equipment for tactical medicine on favorable terms. The catalog presents the best equipment and equipment of tactical doctors, medical goods, ammunition and tools for the provision of medical care in the field.

Tactical medicine in Ukraine

     Initially, tactical medicine is a set of measures, equipment and equipment for the provision of emergency medical care to military personnel in combat and field conditions. The task of tactical doctors: to prevent the soldier from dying immediately after being wounded, to have time to give him first aid, to immobilize, to evacuate him from the danger zone and quickly deliver him to the inpatient hospital.

     That is, the military field (tactical doctor) must be fully equipped with the necessary devices for stopping blood, painkillers and disinfecting medicines, dressings, medical instruments and evacuation devices. Most modern NATO armies are equipped with compact, convenient, practical, and efficient equipment to meet these challenges.

     Equipment and ammunition for tactical physicians is different:

       •             compact laying and placement on the body of a field doctor;

       •             reliable protection and ease of transportation;

       •             strength, reliability and ease of use of materials;

       •             readiness for immediate use as directed;

       •             universality and multifunctionality.

     Means and equipment for tactical medicine are constantly tested in combat conditions, constantly improved. Their main advantage is efficiency that allows saving human life in extreme conditions, readiness for immediate use, compactness and mobility of delivery to the location of the injured person.

     Therefore, representatives of civilian medical and rescue services, tourists, athletes, hunters and fishers seek medical pouches, first-aid kits, medical backpacks and bags.

 Tactical medicine from the Punisher store

     Our store’s catalog contains Ukrainian, American and German products from brands AWS, Benchmade, Cardinal Health, Gerber, Leatherman, M-Tac, MSM, Mil-tec, North American Rescue, Ontario, S.O.Tech, TSSi, TYR Tactical:

       •             folding stretcher;

       •             medical bags and backpacks;

       •             military medical kits, ready-made pads and pharmacy pouches;

       •             rescue thermal blankets and bedspreads;

       •             medical instruments;

       •             turnstiles to stop arterial bleeding;

       •             safety cords;

       •             sling cutters.

     Tactical medical products are original, field tested, meet international quality standards, certified and protected by the manufacturer’s warranty.

     You can order and buy medical backpacks and other medical supplies directly in the store’s catalog. Use the convenient search system to search for products. You are able to purchase goods wholesale and retail, any form of payment. Delivery of orders - anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.