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Soft Shell Jackets and Trousers (Level 5)

   The Punisher online store offers to buy Softshell tactical clothing in Ukraine, which is supplied for uniform and equipment of soldiers of the US and NATO armies. The catalog contains new and used tactical kits, jackets, trousers and pants at the right price.

Soft Shell Clothing: Features and Purpose

Tactical softshell jacket and pants are a universal set of clothes that protects from any weather, and can replace several items of clothing at once, significantly facilitating the equipment of an army unit fighter. It is lightweight, compact and performs several combined functions at once (protects from cold and weather, plays the role of uniform uniforms), so there is no need to use an additional “storm layer” of clothing in your outfit. Level 5 is considered the main link in the clothing systems of ECWCS and PCU and it is on its basis that all recommendations on the combination of elements of the set are based.
   The 5th layer of Softshell is a unique type of military uniform, which, having the characteristic features of different categories of military clothing, does not fall into any of them. It is universal, efficient and comfortable for a soldier and officer. The obvious advantages of such uniforms include:

  • moisture protection (water-repellent membrane fabrics Multicam with impregnation, hood);
  • wind protection (sealed cuffs and belt, adjusting inner cords);
  • thermal protection, thermal insulation and high-quality air exchange and vapor permeability;
  • stretch and elasticity of clothing (does not constrain movements, fits tightly on the figure);
  • lightness and compactness (minimum weight and ease of carrying in baggage);
  • practicality and multifunctionality (external and internal pockets);
  • body comfort.

   The minimum number of layers of clothing reduces the total weight of the fighter’s equipment, which allows him to maintain his mobility, while maintaining the optimal temperature regime.
   Undoubtedly, a kit, pants or a softshell jacket is very convenient, practical and comfortable. Therefore, not only the military, but also civilian specialists working in extreme weather conditions, tourists, athletes, fishers and hunters, as well as military-style connoisseurs show such interest in tactical clothing.

Jackets and pants Soft Shell in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store contains clothes with maximum protection from the weather (SoftShell) from the famous Ukrainian brand M-Tac and contract manufacturers of warm uniforms and equipment for the US Army:

  • Softshell tactical jacket in stock;
  • pants and trousers, insulated, moisture-proof;
  • kits summer, spring and autumn.

   Each set and Softshell jacket fully comply with the standards of tactical clothing systems PCU, ECWCS and MCU, sewn from water-repellent membrane fabrics. Clothing is maximally reinforced in vulnerable areas, protects against cold, wind and rainfall with reliable hoods, cuffs and adjustment systems, designed for year-round use. It is characterized by maximum ease and versatility, mechanically durable and adapted to combat and field operating conditions.
   All Soft Shell clothing is original, certified and guaranteed by manufacturers, practical, wear-resistant and durable, perfectly protects military, police, rescuers, security experts from any weather, convenient and practical for lovers of tourism, sports, hunting and fishing.
   When choosing, consider the manufacturer, completeness, style, size, color and price. We offer a full size range of clothes and a wide color gamut of products, and you can save on buying used products - they are completely identical to the new jackets and sets in terms of technical characteristics and appearance, but much cheaper.
   You can choose tactical jackets, pants and sets for protection against extreme weather in the store’s catalog using the built-in search system, and we will deliver the paid goods to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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