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   The Punisher online store offers military and police professionals, security and rescue personnel, tourists, athletes, airsoft players, fishers and hunters to buy accessories for military and travel backpacks and bags at an affordable price. The catalog contains frames for transporting backpacks, carabiners, fastexes, retainers, swivel rings, adjusting belts, modular inserts for small items and protective covers from the best manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for the US and NATO armies.

Accessories for tactical backpacks and bags: purpose 

   Tactical backpacks and bags are constantly operated in the most severe technical and climatic conditions, experience constant weight and mechanical loads, temperature changes, exposure to precipitation, chemicals and solar ultraviolet radiation. In such conditions, even durable metal fasteners wear out within 1-2 years. And what remains to be done if a carbine suddenly bursts — buy a new backpack?
   This is not necessary, since the manufacturers of tactical equipment for the military produce a full range of accessories, mounts, locks, fastacks, which you can buy in specialized stores or on the websites of the manufacturers themselves, for repair and modernization of worn backpacks and bags. 
   Why are original components important? Because:

  • are developed in conjunction with the design of the backpack or bag and are designed for the loads provided by the manufacturer;
  • are ideally suited to products according to technical characteristics and design;
  • easy to replace and guaranteed to be reliable.

   For the production of original components, only high-quality, very strong and wear-resistant materials are used, each product exactly corresponds to the established dimensions and is easily installed instead of a worn out spare part. 

   Units for tactical backpacks and bags allow you to quickly repair products and return them to operational functionality and practicality. Also, accessories can strengthen, strengthen their design if necessary. Depending on the weight load and the complexity of the trip, you can install additional fastening carabiners, unloading belts or a transport frame, more reliable locks or fasteners on the backpack to better protect the load.

Buy units for backpacks in Ukraine

   In the store’s catalog you can purchase components and accessories for army backpacks and bags, which are produced by the best American, Asian and Ukrainian brands to equip the fighters of the best armies in the world, including the USA and NATO:

  • modular inserts for pistol shops, wallets, keys and documents;
  • transport frames for convenient fastening of backpacks on the back;
  • tourist carbine in assortment (metal, plastic);
  • fastex for straps and fastenings;
  • swivel rings and clamps for straps, hydrator tubes and slings;
  • a cover on a backpack (protective, camouflage);
  • unloading belt.

   Accessories for army backpacks and bags are represented by M-Tac brands and US Army contract manufacturers. Each product is made with a large margin of safety, easy to install on bags and backpacks, able to withstand severe operating loads.

   To choose the right carbine or other components, consider the design features of bags and backpacks, the degree of mechanical and weight effects, product design. 

   You can order accessories for army equipment in the store’s catalog. The built-in product search system will help you choose a product by country of manufacture, manufacturer and price. Delivery of the order - to any city in Ukraine as soon as possible.