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Goretex Jackets and Trousers (Level 6)

   Punisher online store offers to buy tactical clothing Gore-Tex in Ukraine, which is equipped with combat units of the US and NATO armies. The catalog contains new and used tactical kits, jackets, raincoats, poncho, pants at an adequate price.

Tactical clothing Gore-Tex: characteristics and purpose

   Gore-Tex Military Clothing is tactical clothing made of lightweight, moisture-resistant membrane fabric, developed by the American company W.L. GORE & Associates for use in space. The material demonstrated outstanding technical characteristics and began to be used for sewing military uniforms of units of the US Army and some NATO countries.
   Gortex tactical camouflage is:

  • multilayer, strength, wear resistance and durability of the structural material;
  • maximum climate resistance, water resistance and windproof;
  • high-quality air exchange and moisture removal due to the porous structure of the fabric;
  • ease and compactness when laying and carrying;
  • softness and elasticity, giving freedom of movement;
  • hygiene and hypoallergenicity;
  • ability to repel dirt and not absorb odors;
  • use of protective cuffs, belts and adjusting cords for improvement of tightness.

   The main task, which is set for clothing based on the Goretex membrane, is to ensure the body comfort of a fighter in wet, rainy, or snowy conditions. Thanks to the unique technology, this type of fabric has a high level of water resistance, but does not lose its “breathing” characteristics, which makes it an ideal raincoat. Any manufacturer using Gortex is required to test products and obtain a certificate under the control of W.L. GORE & Associates, which eliminates poor quality and fakes (the fabric is supplied only for production).
   Due to the uniqueness of their characteristics, specialists from civilian professions, for whom all-weather protection is extremely important, as well as tourists, athletes, fishers and hunters, are trying to buy clothes from Gore-Tex material.

Gorteks clothes in Ukraine 

   Our store offers military clothing based on American membrane fabric from contracted uniform suppliers for the US Army, as well as raincoats of the Ukrainian brand M-Tas. The catalog presents the military uniform Gorteks:

  • waterproof sets (trousers + jackets) with wind protection;
  • membrane tactical jackets and parkas with breathable PTFE-coating;
  • poncho, raincoats;
  • waterproof pants.

   The Gortex clothing, which you can buy from us, is original, created under the control of the membrane material manufacturer W.L. GORE & Associates, undergoes complex factory and field tests, meets the tactical uniforms of the PCU and ECWCS, is certified and protected by the manufacturer's guarantee.
   Jackets, trousers and suits have the maximum level of moisture and wind protection, are designed for operation in combat and field conditions in extreme climatic conditions, equipped with hoods and internal sealing protection.
   With such characteristics, this is one of the best options for clothing people who lead an active lifestyle, tourists, hunters and fishers. When choosing, the main thing is the correct style and size of the products, which will provide maximum and all-weather protection. If you want to save money, choose used Gortex kits - they are in perfect operating condition, but significantly cheaper than new products.
   You can choose tactical waterproof / windproof suits, jackets and pants in the store’s catalog (built-in search system by manufacturer, size, color and cost), and we will deliver the paid goods to any city in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

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