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   Punisher online store offers to buy dishes for a camping trip and a picnic in nature on favorable terms. Our catalog contains duralumin pots and pans, bowls, glasses, cutlery, thermo mugs from European, Ukrainian and Chinese manufacturers.

Camping Utensils

   Utensils adapted to extreme field conditions must be in service with any army and in the backpack of every tourist, extreme sportsman, fisherman and hunter. It is necessary for preparing hot food and setting a camping table, as during long transitions, especially in the cold season, when it is impossible to eat dry rations for a long time.

   For field conditions, utensils made of light, unbreakable and environmentally friendly materials - food grade aluminum or plastic are used, and duralumin pots and cast irons are used for cooking on an open fire. Such tableware:

  • withstands severe mechanical, shock and abrasion loads;
  • compact and spacious, conveniently packaged and transported in a backpack;
  • resistant to fire and temperature extremes;
  • easy to clean, does not emit harmful substances and odors, does not affect the taste of food;
  • inert to chemical detergents, molds and microorganisms.

   Most of the tourist dishes were created for military conditions. It is tested in combat situations and in long-term field operation. Many samples of pots, pans, cast irons, knives, cutlery and tourist gas burners - these are products that are equipped with units of the armies of NATO countries.
Such tourist dishes are popular and in demand among tourists, fishermen and hunters, lovers of frequent outings and camping, long trips and extreme trips.

Cooking accessories for Camping in Ukraine

   The catalog of the store presents high-quality army and camping dishes from the best European, Asian and Ukrainian brands: 

  • individual cooking systems;
  • tourist gas burner with wind protection and gas cylinder;
  • an assortment of army table sets (spoons, forks, steel and aluminum, plastic and can openers);
  • sets of dishes for cooking in the field (pots, pans, pots of different sizes, bowls);
  • travel knives with stationary and folding blades, a set of tools and a bottle opener;
  • thermomugs and thermocups with a lid and a carabiner for fastening;
  • unbreakable sealed bottles for liquids.

   Also in our store you can purchase gift sets of glasses, decanters, glasses with a bullet, which will be a great gift for anyone who appreciates original and unique things on a military theme.

   Crockery and cutlery are represented by the brands Gun and Fun, Jetboil, M-Tac and other well-known manufacturers of goods for the army and tourism. All products are original, passed quality control at the factory, certified, protected by a brand guarantee.
   Travel dishes are made of modern eco-friendly materials of high strength and wear resistance (stainless steel, aluminum, heat-resistant eco-plastic), designed for long-term reusable operation in extreme field conditions, resistant to temperature and climatic changes, high humidity and the action of washing chemicals.
   You can choose dishes and accessories for the trip directly in the store’s catalog, and we will ensure prompt delivery of purchased goods in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Zaporizhia and other cities of Ukraine.

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