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   The Punisher online store offers tactical gun bipods for pneumatics, carbines and rifles at competitive prices. The catalog contains used and new bipods for small arms, sports, pneumatic and airsoft weapons of various types and modifications.

Weapon bipod: purpose and characteristics

   Gun bipods are designed to support heavy weapons and a comfortable stop in the ground, which improves the aiming when conducting accurate shooting. They can be universal or adapted for a certain type of weapon - a rifle, carbine, machine gun, etc., have specialized mounts, as well as a stationary, movable or rotary structure.
   Accessories for precision shooting should have:

  • mechanically strong, wear-resistant and vibration-resistant design;
  • reliable protection of metal parts with insulating pads;
  • convenient mounts to weapons;
  • adjustable height and variable distance between legs;
  • elastic overlays for the bases for the improved emphasis.

   The bipod and emphasis for shooting should be quickly folded and pressed against the handguard to carry weapons. General characteristics of the chosen model should take into account the technique of movement, the methods of using weapons by the shooter and the need for shooting.

Buy bipod in Ukraine

   The store’s catalog contains accessories for combat, sports and hunting weapons that improve accuracy from a prone position. We offer devices from B&T Industries, Harris Engineering and other contract manufacturers for the US and NATO armies:

  • bipod for weapons;
  • extension cords for bipod;
  • handles for rifle barrels.

   The products are original, designed for use by shooters in extreme weather and technical conditions, tested in a combat environment, certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty.
   You can order bipods, arm assemblies or extension cords for bipods directly in the store’s catalog using a convenient search system for products by country of manufacture, brand, color and price. Prompt delivery of orders - to any city in Ukraine.