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   The Punisher online store offers professional small arms accessories from official suppliers of equipment for the US and NATO armies to military personnel, police and security forces, security guards, hunters, fishermen, tourists and persons entitled to carry short-barreled weapons in Ukraine. The catalog contains belts for concealed carrying weapons, hip platforms, waist adapters, safety cords, mounts for batons and gas cartridges of American and Ukrainian production. 

What are weapon accessories for? 

   The army wins by force, but in battle it all depends on the little things that give an advantage if they are at hand and used correctly. Therefore, in the army equipment there are always many small and useful accessories that make the fighter more efficient and the control of the weapon more convenient. Accessories that are used with short-barreled service weapons are no exception.

  • Belt and hip platforms for the holster - a convenient system for attaching the pistol to a belt or leg, which is made of light metal alloys, is adjustable to the anatomical features of each fighter and gives maximum freedom of action, reliable carrying of the barrel, quick access to it and the ability to instantly open fire.
  • Bandolier belt, which is worn on the waist or over the shoulder, provides quick access to spare cartridges for 12 gauge or larger shotguns. Hands are free, ammunition is always nearby, and the load is conveniently distributed on the body. 
  • Safety cords that attach to the pistol and protect it from being lost when it falls out of the holster - a small but important accessory. The pistol cable has an arm length, is made of durable, tear-resistant material, can be spring-loaded and is attached to the holster with a strong carabiner.
  • Mounts for batons and handcuffs are an invariable element of the equipment of police specialists. Good mounts will protect against the possession of these weapons by third parties, falling out, loss, and at the same time make the wearing of accessories comfortable.

   All accessories for a pistol holster are made taking into account extreme operating conditions, are reliable, field-tested, wear-resistant, do not spoil uniforms and are easy to use.

Bandolier belt and other tactical accessories for service weapons in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store contains a wide range of accessories for carrying and using short-barreled firearms. We have in stock:

  • waist and hip platform for holster with MOLLE attachments;
  • bandolier belt and belt for concealed carrying of weapons;
  • adapters for the belt and mounts for holding weapons;
  • safety cord for the pistol;
  • mount for a gas cartridge;
  • a pouch for a baton.

   Holster accessories - only original and certified, presented by A-line, Blackhawk !, Eagle Industries, G-Code, M-Tac, S.O.Tech, Safariland, T3 and TAG, protected by the manufacturer's warranty. The products are made of durable, wear-resistant materials, tested for strength and reliability by operation in field and combat conditions, have universal Molle mounts for wearing on any type of equipment. 

   You can order accessories for holsters and pouches directly in the catalog. For those who want to save money - used accessories for the holster, which are not inferior in appearance and technical conditions to new products, but significantly cheaper. Delivery of purchased goods in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine - as soon as possible.

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