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Hydration System and Water Canteens

   The Punisher online store offers to buy an army hydrator for carrying and storing drinking water, thermoses, military flasks and covers for them. The catalog contains equipment for storage and transportation of water in the field from well-known brands of the USA, Israel, Ukraine and other countries.

Army hydrators and flasks: purpose and characteristics

   Hydrators and drinking systems are actively used by special military units when performing tactical tasks in arid areas or in areas where water sources can be poisoned. Unlike the flask, they have a larger tank volume (up to 3 liters) and are mounted on the body. They are convenient to use, as they have flexible hoses for supplying water, are protected from temperature effects, are easily placed in specially designated compartments of backpacks.
   In civilian life, runners, cyclists, skiers, kayakers and canoes are eager to buy a hydrator - those who need to periodically replenish the body's water balance during active physical exertion without using hands.
   Hydrators (hydropack) and hydraulic systems:

  • differ in durability, wear resistance and elasticity;
  • are tight (under a cover or clip);
  • have a different capacity depending on water needs and type of use (1-3 liters);
  • conveniently adjusted to the human anatomical parameters during transportation;
  • are completed with a flexible removable tube with a mouthpiece and plug fastening;
  • can be used on the go, leaving hands free;
  • safe for human health, do not emit harmful substances;
  • do not have an unpleasant odor and do not affect the taste of water;
  • are conveniently placed in a backpack and provide uniform distribution of weight;
  • have a heat-protective layer, do not freeze in the cold and do not heat in the heat.

   Small-sized hydrators are convenient for playing sports when the user is in constant motion. Volumetric tanks are convenient for long trips, fishing from a boat or hunting ambush.
   Flasks and thermoses are suitable for short hiking trips over short distances in areas where it is possible to replenish the tank with water. The containers are made of mechanically strong and lightweight metal and plastic, have a non-hazardous shape and compact dimensions, are firmly closed by a valve cover and come with convenient covers with fastenings on a belt or clothes.
   Thermoses are shockproof, maintain the temperature of liquids for at least 6 hours, are equipped with a metal inner flask.

Army hydrators and flasks in Ukraine

   Our online store offers the best modern drinking systems, hydrators, mobile drinking containers and accessories from famous world manufacturers. The catalog contains:

  • hydration drinking systems and water tanks;
  • thermoses;
  • adapters and valves for drinking systems;
  • covers for hydrator tubes;
  • backpacks, pouches and covers for flasks, hydrators and thermoses.

   Drinking systems, hydrators, water transport tanks and accessories are represented by well-known brands CamelBak, Eagle Industries, Emerson, FLYYE, LBT, M-Tac, Skilcraft, Source, TMC, Tatonka, Valkor Tactical and tactical equipment contract suppliers for the US and NATO.

   Each hydrator, drinking system, thermos or army flask is original, certified, protected by the manufacturers warranty, made of environmentally friendly materials, completely tight and adapted to extreme field and climatic conditions, withstand severe mechanical stress, practical and trouble-free.
   For the transportation of drinking hydraulic systems and water tanks in the catalog, you can also choose new and used backpacks, covers and pouches from durable tarpaulin in water-repellent impregnation. Delivery of the ordered equipment is available in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine as soon as possible.

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