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   Punisher online store offers to buy military tactical uniforms in Ukraine from the best suppliers of uniforms for the US and NATO armies. The catalog contains the army uniform of contracted American suppliers, tactical clothing of German and Chinese manufacturers, as well as sets of knee pads and elbow pieces at an adequate price.

Tactical uniforms: benefits and applications

   Military uniforms are one of the most durable, practical and reliable types of modern clothing for extreme conditions. It is initially designed and sewn in such a way as to withstand all kinds of mechanical, climatic, chemical and biological loads, it should serve for a long time, provide protection and comfort for the fighter's body in the field and in a combat situation at any time of the year. 
   The summer and winter uniforms (jackets, tunic, pants, trousers, tactical shirts and shorts) have a number of unique features that distinguish it from other types of clothing for civilian life:

  • tissues that dry quickly, remove excess moisture and well ventilate the body;
  • implemented thermal control systems (protection against hypothermia and overheating);
  • environmental friendliness, hygiene and hypoallergenic materials (do not absorb harmful odors, dirt, prevent the spread of fungus);
  • the presence of durable fittings and many practical pockets on the valves;
  • wide color gamut of protective colors and camouflage pattern for camouflage in different natural landscapes.

   There are also “distinctive” features in clothing that allow you to quickly identify a soldier’s belonging to the army of a particular state and a certain type of army, to an individual military status (soldier / officer, rank). We are talking about the places of attachment of shoulder straps, chevrons, stripes (breastplate, shoulder and sleeve straps and patch panels).

   Some types of equipment have additional insulation for wearing in winter cold (fleece, wool) and for protection against cold / precipitation (Soft Shell with a top layer of membrane fabric).
   The military uniform, which our Voentorg offers, is universal in its capabilities and characteristics. Demand for it is unchanged among people of extreme professions, hunters, fishermen and tourists, for whom protection from the cold and bad weather, practicality, ease of care and professional means of camouflage in the landscape are of fundamental importance.

Military uniform in Ukraine

   We offer a professional military uniform, which is equipped with combat units of the United States and Ukraine. The catalog contains:

  • uniforms for the US Army and Marine Corps from contract manufacturers of US Army uniforms (tactical and fireproof kits, tunic, pants, shirts);
  • Chinese replicas of military uniforms from Emerson and Mil-tec (sets, pants and trousers);
  • American tactical uniforms from Crye Precision (suits, tunics, jackets, combat shirts, pants, camouflage capes);
  • tactical patch and insert knee pads / elbow pieces for military uniforms from ACM, Crye Precision, Emerson, M-Tac and US Army contract manufacturers.

   The army uniform is designed for fighters of tactical units performing combat missions in difficult field and climatic conditions, tested by time and real combat situations, meets NATO standards, is most reliable, practical and efficient.

   Fans of army equipment are specialists in civilian extreme professions, rescuers, security guards, as well as hunters, tourists and fishermen who are constantly experiencing difficult weather conditions and need durable, wear-resistant and reliable clothing.
   In the production of military uniforms, functional mixed fabrics based on cotton, wool and synthetic fibers (polyester, elastane) are used. The clothes are durable, mechanical and climatic resistant, hygienic, able to remove moisture and dry quickly, warm and provide high-quality air exchange. The tactical uniform is not hot in the summer, and not cold in the winter.
   All our military uniforms presented are original, certified and protected by a manufacturers guarantee. The site has a full range of sizes and a wide range of colors. You can select it in the store catalog using a convenient search system. When choosing, consider the manufacturer, seasonality, purpose, size, color and price. If you want to save money, pay attention to used clothes that are not inferior in quality and condition to new sets, but much cheaper. Fast delivery of goods - in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.