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   Punisher online store offers tourists, fishermen and hunters to buy dry-packed rations of American and Canadian production for food in the field. The catalog contains hermetically packed dry packs and energy drinks that are supplied to the military personnel of the US and NATO armies.

Individual ration: purpose and characteristics of the goods

   Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE, individual ration) is a compact and well-packed bag of canned food that is carried in a soldier's duffel bag and travel backpack. Initially, MRE appeared in the army and was intended for autonomous feeding of soldiers in a combat situation or during a quick tactical transition, when a grocery convoy or field kitchen were not available.
   Today, in every army in the world, an individual ration is adopted with a different composition and standardization, depending on the standards adopted by the armed forces. But the basic requirements for MRE are the same:

  • durability of products during long-term storage in any climatic situation;
  • sterility and food safety;
  • ease of preparation and consumption, complete with ignition, cutlery and sanitary napkins;
  • high energy and nutritious diets;
  • exactly calculated for a certain period of time the amount of food;
  • reliable and tight packaging protecting products from external influences.

   One of the important criteria for MRE is normalization. Individual ration are daily (for every day) and three-day, and the NATO armies adopted the concept of MRE (Meal, Ready-to Eat), which involves the packaging of disposable rations based on ready-to-eat food. One compact and sealed bag is one meal consisting of different dishes and powdered energy drinks.
   MRE may vary in the composition of dishes: meat, vegetable and meat complex with vegetables. Tea or coffee, dried cream or milk, seasonings, salt, biscuits or dried bread, as well as chemicals for heating food, napkins and tablets for disinfecting water, are usually included.
   The individual ration, officially adopted in any army, undergoes preliminary food, hygiene, environmental and technical tests in laboratory and field conditions. Its quality and safety are usually guaranteed, and nutritional value is confirmed.
   Therefore, the demand for such field meals is always high among tourists, climbers, fishers and hunters, lovers of long trips and hikes. In Ukraine, there are on sale an individual ration of the armies of the USA, NATO and the Armed Forces.

Buy individual ration in Ukraine

   Our online store offers an army's individual ration for field and combat conditions from contract manufacturers of NATO armies. The catalog contains:

  • American MRE dry packs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) - individual, ready-to-use diets with a flameless chemical heater included;
  • Canadian Army dry rations rations IMP (Individual Meal Pack) with plastic utensils and napkins included;
  • Strike Force Liquid Energy Drink, an American energy drink from Strike Force Beverage - a nutritional energy concentrate based on caffeine, taurine and vitamins for mixing with water.

   Army food rations are normalized to 1-2 meals, represent a full-fledged typical menu with a balanced taste and enhanced calorie content, are hermetically packed in thick soft plastic and protected from all kinds of loads, equipped with disposable tableware, chemical heaters and concentrated drinks.
   Each individual ration of NATO is original, undergoes rigorous quality control of rations, durability and tightness of packaging, is certified and protected by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Rations are packed in large plastic bags for easy storage and transportation, carrying in backpacks.
   You can choose any individual ration options in the catalog in large bulk or retail, and we will deliver paid orders in Kiev, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine as soon as possible.