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Military radio stations

   The online shop of Punisher offers to the servicemen and constabulary specialists, employees of rescue and guard services, tourists and hunters to buy the professional soldiery wireless stations at adequate price. In our catalogue tactical portable radio transmitters, accessories and component parts, are presented to them from the well-known producers of radio equipment for the armies of the USA and NATO.

 Soldiery wireless stations: technical descriptions

   A portable army portable radio transmitter is this compact transceiver device used in the network of battle management and co-ordination of actions of army subdivisions.

   Wireless station the military perfectly showed oneself at the level of harmony of battle calculation, separation and platoon and differs in unique technical and tactical descriptions:

      • has a durable, crushproof, moisture-proof corps;

      • differs in minimum weight and compact sizes;

      • it is counted on exploitation at the strong mechanical, oscillation loading;

      • steadily to influence of temperature overfalls, high humidity and fallouts;

      •  has a broadband spectrum of transferrable and accepted signal;

      • works in the wide range of HF - and VHF- of frequencies (including, with the use of satellite signal);

      • provides the wide scope of territory of coverage;

      • easily connected and is combined with headsets, tactical headsets and buttons of РТТ;

      •  it is completed powerful autonomous accumulators and works without recharging to a few twenty-four hours;

      • reliably fastened to the uniform and equipment of fighter.

   Every military portable radio transmitter is a very reliable and tested in battle conditions radio set, that will be useful not only to the soldiery and constabulary specialists, but also tourists, fishermen and hunters, punters in airsoft and other military-tactical command games.

 To buy tactical portable radio transmitters in Ukraine

   In the catalogue of shop the soldiery wireless stations of the American, Chinese and Malaysian production, standing on the armament of armies USA, NATO, are presented and China:Radio station

      • mobile portable portable radio transmitters;

      • battery compartments;

      • transceiver outdoor aerials;

      • dustproof lids and casing;

      • charge devices and cables for the wireless stations;

      • extension leads and reducers.

   The soldiery portable radio transmitters of Motorola, TRI, Thales Communications, Voyager, Baofeng (after rebranding 2014 year in Europe is for sale under the brand of Pofung), are presented in a shop. All models are protected by certificates and guarantee of producers. An equipment is projected and produced taking into account exploitation in the real battle, military field and extremely-climatic terms, passed multilevel verification, able many hours to work in autonomous behavior in any weather from built-in accumulators.

   We offer the also former in the use models of portable radio transmitters, that in good condition fully, served, ready to work and are for sale with a substantial price discount. To order the soldiery wireless stations, accessories and component parts it is possible directly in a catalogue, using the comfortable system of search, and we quickly will deliver your order in any point of Ukraine.

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