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   The Punisher online store offers tactical knives for the US and NATO armies in Ukraine on favorable terms. Our catalog contains the models of army blades that are the most popular and tested in combat conditions, which will be most useful to military specialists, rescuers, people of a number of civilian professions, tourists, fishers and hunters.

Tactical knives: characteristics and purpose

   A tactical knife is an indispensable tool made of high-quality steel with a fixed or folding design, which is included in the set of combat equipment of fighters of many army units. It can have both military and domestic multi-purpose purposes, usually it does not require permission to carry (although it is better to have a certificate with you), it is completed with a sheath and mounted on a belt or equipment.
   Compared to other types of knives, an army knife has two important features:

  • maximum reliability in operation - therefore it is made from the best grades of solid powder / laminated steel and withstands high mechanical and climatic loads;
  • convenience of capture and fixing by hand - it is completed with an anatomical handle with palm protection and non-slip pads.

   The strength of a fixed knife is ensured by an all-metal construction or a long shank of the blade sealed in the handle, and folding knives can have mechanisms for ejecting the blade with rigid fixation. Diamond sharpening of the edges of the blade ensures the sharpness of the blade (double-edged or one-sided with a cutting saw on the back side).
   Tactical knives are designed for use in extreme conditions of battle or a difficult campaign, so they:

  • as strong as possible and reliable due to the strength of the steel alloy;
  • have reliable anticorrosive protection;
  • well balanced;
  • ergonomic and comfortable for the hand;
  • as safe as possible for the owner;
  • do not require frequent sharpening;
  • comfortable to wear and versatile to use.

   A tactical knife is a reliable protection for a soldier and an indispensable tool in combat or extreme survival.

Rules for choosing a military knife    

   Military knives are as versatile as possible, so it's best to choose a tactical model that has been tried and tested by time. When choosing, you should pay attention to:

  • steel grade;
  • design reliability (preferably all-metal);
  • availability of anti-corrosion protection of the blade;
  • shape and type of sharpening the blade;
  • durability, safety and comfort of the handle;
  • dimensions of the model.

   When choosing a folding knife, you should carefully study the folding / ejecting mechanism of the blade and the blade lock in the open position (locking mechanism).
   A separate topic is a scabbard or a carrying case, a system of fastenings on a belt and clothes. The blade must be reliably protected, easy to remove, securely and universally mounted on equipment.

Tactical knives in Ukraine

   Our online knife store offers a wide selection of products of American, Japanese, Taiwanese and Ukrainian production:

  • tactical knives all-metal;
  • folding knives;
  • hunting knives;
  • machetes;
  • lanyards for blades;
  • knife / multitool sets;
  • knife sharpener.

   All models are original and presented by well-known brands Ganzo, Buck, Gerber, Ruike, Master Cutlery, Leatherman, Tool Logic, SOG, M-Tac. Each tactical knife is certified, protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, equipped with a cover or scabbard. All models are reliable and tested in difficult field and climatic conditions.
   You can choose a model of an army or hunting knife in the store catalog. And we will deliver the paid goods to anywhere in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. If you want to save on a purchase, we will offer you used used knives in excellent condition with a substantial discount.