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Armor platinum

   The Punisher online store offers military personnel, employees of special security and police units to buy Armor platinum for body armor of various types and protection classes from the best world and domestic manufacturers in Ukraine. The store catalog presents modern types of protective Armor platinum on favorable terms.

Armor platinum for body armor

   Armor platinum are protective elements that are added to the body armor design and provide additional mechanical protection for the human body from damaging elements (cold steel, shotgun, bullets, fragments of bombs and shells). They are usually removable, added to the pockets of the bulletproof vest, depending on the task, type and strength of action of possible damaging elements. 

   Initially, Armor platinum was made of extremely strong “44” steel or a titanium alloy of various thicknesses - from 1 to 15 mm. The plate thickness depended on the body armor protection class (I - 1 mm, II - 2.4 mm, III - 4.3 mm, IV - 5.8 mm, V - 6.5 mm, VI - 15 mm). Given that each class of body armor is designed to protect against certain types of weapons and can withstand its own level of mechanical stress, the thickness and quantity of Armor platinum is directly dependent on the strength of the impact of damaging elements. 

   Although metal Armor platinum is durable and reusable, they are quite massive and heavy, which gives the body armor extra weight (up to 15 kg) and stiffness. Today, metal is used in body armor 2-6 protection class, based on direct melee using automatic firearms.  

   To facilitate and make the protective construction of body armor for policemen and security officers more flexible and mobile (protection class 2-4), today they began to use lighter and more flexible materials as Armor platinum:

  • Kevlar (aramid fabric) is a soft, elastic and very durable material that is used in hidden vests (security, bodyguards, mobile special forces). It protects against splinters, but is usually used in 1-2 protection class vests.
  • Ceramics are the best protection against armor-piercing bullets, absorbing very high impact energy. The only drawback is that it is destroyed when bullets hit, and is not reused.
  • Cermets - improved reusable armor-piercing protection (if the ceramic layer is cracking, then the sheet of metal under it will provide the necessary protection). These Armor platinum are used in open wearing body armor.
  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is a light but very dense polymer that is not inferior to Kevlar in characteristics, but is used mainly in 1-2 protection class bulletproof vests (for "senior" classes, a large plate thickness is required). 

Kevlar and ceramic Armor platinum buy in Ukraine

   In our store a wide selection of protective Armor platinum from modern materials for the assembly of body armor of all protection classes is presented. We offer protective materials American and Ukrainian production: 

  • ceramic and cermet Armor platinum;
  • soft Kevlar plates and bags;
  • groin protector;
  • armor-inserts in backpacks.

   The presented products are original, made by well-known brands Survival Armor, TYR Tactical, "TEMP-30003" and contract manufacturers of equipment for the US Army. The products comply with the established protection class and technical standards for tactical goods, are certified and protected by the manufacturers' warranty.

   You can order Armor platinum with the required characteristics and sizes directly in the store’s catalog, and we will ensure the delivery of paid goods in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine as soon as possible.

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