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Eyeglasses and Goggles

   Punisher online store offers military men, employees of special and security units, specialists in certain professions where active eye protection is needed, fishermen and hunters to buy tactical glasses in Ukraine. The catalog contains modern tactical, ballistic and anti-fragmentation glasses and masks from the best domestic and western manufacturers.  

Tactical glasses: types and characteristics

   Tactical glasses and masks are an indispensable element in the equipment of a soldier of a modern army unit performing combat missions in extreme field conditions. The main objective of this accessory is a full-fledged mechanical protection of the human organs of vision from possible damage by fragments, chips, small stones, gun-powder gases, dust, water, dirt, sand.

   Tactical glasses are diverse in design, characteristics and purpose. They can be both open and close-fitting to the face with forced ventilation and are divided into several varieties:

  • Tactical - glasses close to the skin with a large area of face protection. Their main task is to protect the eyes from foreign objects, shock wave, powder gases, dust. May have yellow lenses that enhance the perception of the environment.
  • Ballistic - glasses with tinted and thickened polarizing lenses to protect the eyes and provide good visibility when firing. They can be used in civilian life and during construction work.
  • Splinterproof glasses and masks are more durable optics for protecting the eyes from mechanical, chemical, climatic and thermal damage with lenses made of durable polycarbonate and a fine protective mesh.

   When choosing tactical glasses, you should pay attention to the type and quality of the lenses.

  • transparent lenses are universal and give good light penetration, but sometimes they can create glare, blind the owner and unmask his location;
  • matte (smoky) lenses allow less light to pass through, but protect the eyes in bright light and are good in sunny weather;
  • yellow-green lenses improve sharpness and contrast of vision;
  • diopter lenses (polycarbonate) improve the quality of vision and are selected individually like medical glasses;
  • anti-fragmentation lenses (transparent polycarbonate) with anti-fog coating absorb ultraviolet light;
  • polarizing lenses are able to focus the image more clearly and block reflected light. 

   The capabilities of tactical glasses are universal. Therefore, they are useful not only for military and special forces in combat situations, but also for civilian professionals who need active and passive eye protection (police, security, rescue workers, builders, installers, drivers), as well as for tourists, motorcyclists and cyclists, hunters, airsoft players. 

To buy tactical glasses in Ukraine

   The catalog of our store presents tactical optics of all kinds: 

  • tactical glasses;
  • ballistic glasses and masks;
  • interchangeable lens kits;
  • lenses on a protective mask and diopter inserts;
  • cases for shackles, clips and fasteners, inserts;
  • anti-fog drops, antifog and wipes;
  • gas masks.

   All tactical glasses, masks and accessories are original and presented by well-known brands ESS, Edge, FMA, MSA, McNETT, Oakley, Pyramex, Revision, Smith Optics, Wiley X. These are products from the best, mechanically resistant materials that have high light transmittance and ventilated contoured silicone frame, fully comply with international ballistic standards, certified and protected by the manufacturers warranty.

   If you want to save money, look at used tactical glasses that are not inferior to new models in technical condition and characteristics, but much more affordable. Delivery in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine - as soon as possible.

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