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The MSA Sordin Supreme single-channel headband is designed to connect

to a push-to-talk (PTT) system and a single communications device.

Moisture-proof microphones have adjustable settings depending on the noise level and

additional protection from radio interference (RFI) makes them ideal for use in hard mode applications.

Headphones in each cup contain two speakers. One speaker is connected to the system settings,

depending on the noise level, and the second is directly connected to external audio devices.

This means that the radio will always work, even when the battery is low or in the off state.


- Durable connecting cable with Nexus TP120 connector.

- Suspended microphone to suppress strong noises with a flexible and easily adjustable microphone arc.

- Each cup is equipped with two speakers and additional protection against radio interference (RFI).

-Waterproof level-independent microphones.

Holder type: foldable headband.

Pads: Foam material.

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MSA Sordin Supreme headband

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SKU: 2000000010786
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SKU 2000000010786
Brand MSA
Made in Sweden
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